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$650 million pesos allocated for marginalized areas of Puerto Vallarta

The governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval, visited the Mexican capital to meet with Mexico’s President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom he agreed to allocate $650 million pesos to marginalized areas of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, through a program of urban improvement that will be started under the new president’s administration.

The state governor explained that for this purpose the entity was asked to coordinate a study that would begin this month “with a timetable that was presented to us so that they could begin to promote the work when the president-elect takes office”.

Another issue that was discussed was the support on infrastructure, which will be reviewed at a working table with the future secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, and the elected governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

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The purpose of the table, he added, is “to promote the development and programs or large infrastructure projects throughout the next administration, which are a needed priority”.

In addition, it was agreed to conclude the federal and state works that could remain unfinished this sexennium.

Aristóteles Sandoval said that Lopez Obrador will visit Guadalajara next Tuesday “to continue announcing part of their projects, and programs for the benefit of the state and the country.”