Allegations that Amber Heard blackmailed Elon Musk to pay Johnny Depp are creepy, even for her

If the latest reports that Amber Heard had a strategic plan to blackmail Elon Musk to pay Johnny Depp the judgment against her, it’s the creepiest thing that we have seen from the actress during her very public spiral. And maybe the creepiest thing from Elon Musk, which says a lot.

After starring in and losing one of the most mediatic trials in history, Amber Heard continues to hog the spotlight for different reasons, including her appeal to the verdict, because she claims she does not have the money to pay Johnny Depp. But her newest stunt is some images that were recently leaked of an alleged sex party she held with the rich and famous.

The information was released by the website House Inhabit, directed by Jessica Reed Kraus, making public the daring parties that took place in Los Angeles, where apparently there was alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity, but that’s not all, it also revealed some names of the personalities who attended these celebrations, including Elon Musk.

The information released is based on various sources, including someone called ‘ Gia ‘, a pseudonym used to protect her identity. The article mentions that the parties were themed and addressed satanic themes, costumes, and lesbian orgies, among others.

Likewise, it details that Amber Heard attended these sex parties with some of the richest and most powerful men in the world, but also actively courted other women to attend.

“A group of young cal… girls rubbing each other in satanic-style body suits on stage, Amber on a throne-like chair in the center. Legs spread, on display, performing sexual acts for a room full of men looking down,” the report says.

According to the report, the meetings were attended by “tech gods, venture capitalists, founders, top executives, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs,” who would get together once a month to “enjoy wild nights fueled by alcohol, sex, and copious amounts of ecstasy.

The same article indicates that Amber played a fundamental role in these events since she was in charge of convincing other young actresses who wanted to further their careers and make contact with powerful people.

The report alleges that Elon Musk helped Amber Heard financially during her trial because she threatened to uncover everything that happened at those parties.

“Amber was constantly recording Musk. She had a strategy. She was an expert at it. For the damning events to take place, she would make Elon very angry and then record the whole thing on video.”

It’s similar to what the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial showed. Amber had a knack for getting Johnny angry and then recording the fight without any pretext of the situation, videos she used in the trial.

If the latest allegations are true, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, given the players involved.

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