Where Do Americans Live in Mexico?

For decades, expatriates from Canada and the U.S. have been crossing the border into Mexico looking for something better. Their reasons vary, but among them are less taxation, more personal freedoms, a lower cost of living, a higher quality of life, warmer weather, and a slower pace.

In fact, there are more U.S. residents living abroad in Mexico than in any other country in the world. Recent estimates by the U.S. State Department have the total number of U.S. expats living in Mexico nearing 1 million. That’s up from only about 200,000 just a decade ago. However, this number could be even higher. U.S. illegals in Mexico are just as common.

Just as many Mexicans cross over into the U.S. illegally, likewise there are many U.S. citizens who overstay the time allotted on their tourist visa. Others go back and forth like nomads, without ever establishing formal residency.
As a result, it’s difficult to say exactly how many U.S. citizens are living in Mexico, or–for that matter–exactly where they are living. However, recently released data shows the 20 cities with the highest number of residents who register themselves as U.S. citizens. These locations account for 46.8% of all U.S. expats over the age of 50.


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