An Open Letter to Puerto Vallarta Media Outlets

VallartaDaily.Com has become the subject of rumors, bashing, and outright libel remarks by other media outlets in the area. Our job is simple, we distribute news, and the task of needing to fight off threatened competitors is something we don’t wish to invest time with. Below is a letter sent to the 3 main media outlets that have publicly attacked our publication and ethics.


Good Day Banderas Bay News, Media Diva International, and PV Mirror.

As publications serving the English speaking community in Puerto Vallarta we should find a way to work together and respect each other’s approach to media. Our community, the people, and the growth of tourism should be what drives us.

I am greatly disappointed in the lack of professionalism Banderas News, Laura Gelezunas (Media Diva International), and PV Mirror has displayed towards me and my publication without once trying to get to know me or my principles. Your libel comments spread around the internet without care only speaks about what YOUR business represents, not mine.

PV Mirror, please if you see a photo that we post and you know who the photographer is, tell us. We post beautiful photos of Vallarta to show people what a wonderful place Vallarta is, and encourage people to come see for themselves. We don’t sell the images nor do we make any money from them, so ugly comments about not giving credit on photos is uncalled for, we are promoting the city and trying to raise tourism even in the summer months when everyone else has given up. Stand behind our mission, or kindly stand to the side.

Media Diva, yes we do republish and redistribute news just like every other publication including Banderas News. Your gossip posts stating we rip off stories is not accurate, not any more accurate than Banderas News rips stories. I know your relationship with Denise and Banderas News and your actions are trying to protect that relationship, but your accusations are false and only meant to hurt another business for personal gain. The only difference between us and BN , we don’t charge local businesses to publish their news on our site… we are about community, not profit. Take note.

So, now let me introduce you to what my publication represents so when you speak about us you can do it with the facts, and not out of being a threatened competitor.

We currently receive over 300,000 page views a month, topping already what any of your news publications receive, we invest in internet advertising… a lot. Our Facebook page has 2000 likes and our users are very committed to our brand and more active with sharing than any of your users. Our website is the only mobile ready news site in English for Puerto Vallarta residents, embracing the future technologies and getting the first generation tourist, which is our market.

In about four months we will launch into a full bilingual site with all stories translated in both English and Spanish and giving our visitor the choice of languages they would like to use.

Our publication is simply adding another choice to the market place, and the attacks we have received would not be necessary if you believed you were serving your readers and advertisers in the best possible way. We learned a long time ago that when people are trying to bring you down, it’s because you are above them. We are unapologetic for that.

I hope we can all work together to make our community stronger, but if that isn’t your desire, I hope we can work peacefully apart without the need for personal attacks. It’s not professional and does nothing to support our community. Now we will retire our communication with you and do what we do every day, deliver news to people and promote Puerto Vallarta as a tourist and retirement destination. That is a big task, babysitting the competition isn’t of a priority.

This letter has been sent to you privately but will also be published as an open letter on our website, we are a community paper.

Let’s find a way to help Puerto Vallarta, not divide it…

Puerto Vallarta News