Authorities will announce third autopsy results on July 18 for the death of Debanhi Escobar

Finally, and after performing a third autopsy, on July 18 the cause of death of Debanhi Escobar will be clarified, the young woman found dead on April 21 inside a cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, in Nuevo León.

This was confirmed by the undersecretary of security and citizen protection, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, on the morning of July 14; noting that the results will be reported in the presence of the inter-institutional group of the “Working Group”.

He specified that the presentation will be attended by three doctors from the Institute of Forensic Sciences (INCIFO) and its Director General; the Medical Specialist of UN Women; the International Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) on behalf of Debanhi’s parents; the National Search Commission (CNB); the Attorney General, the Deputy Prosecutor and the Deputy Prosecutor specialized in femicides of Nuevo León; the Public Ministry (MP) of the case, as well as experts and doctors of that social representation.

Prior to the new report, on July 15, experts from the INCIFO of the TSJ-CDMX will meet with the Medical Specialist of UN Women to share studies and criteria, in such a way that the final report is unified.

It was during the first days of July when authorities exhumed Debanhi’s body to carry out the third autopsy: “It was very painful, but we are certain that the truth will finally come out,” said her father, Mario Escobar.

“In a way, we requested this situation to try to find the truth because I know that Debanhi would have wanted it that way.”

The exhumation of the body and the third autopsy will serve to compare the two existing forensic opinions (the first from the Prosecutor’s Office and another independent one requested by the relatives), which have differed in the cause of death of the young woman.

Under that tenor, Escobar trusted that the new forensic opinion could also mark “a watershed” so that in future cases, the investigations are done in another way.

“My daughter was mistreated, outraged, planted. They killed her” , this is how Mario Escobar reacted to the results of the second autopsy, which ruled out that Debanhi’s death was due to an accident.

And it is that – under that tenor – while the autopsy of the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office determined that the young woman died from “a deep skull contusion”, the independent report revealed that Debanhi had “traces of a violent sexual relationship” and blows that point to an alleged murder.

Given this, the father of the young woman explained that the agency’s report consists of only four pages, in which results of histopathological analysis, expert studies of viscera and blood, as well as DNA, toxicological tests and to determine the presence of semen are omitted.

In addition, Mario also highlighted that another difference in the evidence is that the autopsy ordered by the authorities indicates that the young woman was wearing shoes when she fell into the cistern, while the individual indicates the opposite.

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