Lightbulbs 40 Watts or Higher Banned in Mexico

Mexico has finally phased out the 40 watt light bulb in a four year plan to save energy though reducing consumption by eliminating high wattage bulbs.

In 2011, bulbs 100 watts and higher were withdrawn from the market, followed by 74 watts in 2012, the 60 watt bulb was removed from the market on January 1, and today the 40 watt bulb has been removed from market.

Mexico says the removal of the 40 watt bulb is expected to save the country’s power grid 1BkW/h annually that translates into consumer savings of over $68 million USD per year.

According to Business News Americas, the ban is part of the national commission for energy savings’ drive to reduce greenhouse gases, and will lower the country’s carbon footprint by 500,000t of CO2 per year. The ban applies to households, businesses, industry and street lighting.

Government organizations have begun providing free light bulbs to small towns with less than 100,000 residents to help make the switch in small and poorer parts of the country.

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  1. Xavier

    I converted my 3 bedroom, three bath house to 100% LED…….I reduced my electric bill 75%…….I have great lighting anytime I need it…….it also paid for itself in less than 6 months……..anyone not converting to total LED is just throwing there money away here in Mexico…….

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