Boy in Mexico gives his beloved dog for adoption to spare him from father’s abuse

A 12-year-old boy, from Mexico, gave his beloved puppy up for adoption so he doesn’t continue to suffer at home because of his father’s abuse. The tender gesture of the child moved thousands of users in social networks.

The organization ‘Amigos de Lucho’ shared the moving letter the boy wrote, along with the images of how they found the dog on the outskirts of an animal shelter in Mexico. The animal was in a cardboard box next to the letter the boy had written and a teddy bear.

Andrés saw that his dog was being abused because his father did not miss an opportunity to beat the puppy. “My name is Andrés and I am 12 years old. Between my mom and I, we decided to leave my dog in your hands…  my dad planned to sell it, but he mistreats and kicks him,” read the letter written by the small boy.

The boy mentioned that the abuse was aggravated when his father once hurt his dog’s “tail”. “Once he kicked him so hard he hurt his tail. I hope you can help and take care of him. I left him a stuffed animal so he doesn’t forget me,” concluded the minor.

The animal shelter told social networks that the puppy will be taken to a medical check-up because it presented some injuries that needed to be treated before finding the puppy a new home.

The Amigos de Lucho Organization applauded the child’s action on social networks. “There is no doubt that there are still people with a healthy heart, who unfortunately live wrapped in a home where machismo, violence, yet still risk to save others,” they concluded.

After several hours, the letter went viral on Facebook and users did not hesitate to highlight the bravery of the child to protect his puppy from his abusive father.

“Great heart of the child and his mother, I hope that monster that mistreated the puppy has not hurt the dog permanently. This beautiful dog will hopefully find good people in his next adoption”,“Surely Andrés will never forget you. You saved his life at the expense of everything. Thanks little hero,” wrote several Internet users.

The Xollines association, responsible for welcoming the dog, announced on its Facebook account that they already have hundreds of applications, arriving from all corners of Mexico, to welcome the pit bull, whom they named René.

“I never believed that more than 300 requests from different states of the Republic would arrive to adopt René. We currently have 120 more animals waiting for families (…) If everyone opened their heart and their home like this puppy, they would have adopted ALL our animals,” they said in their publication.

The animal shelter that received the dog published a message addressed to the child because he showed courage and solidarity with the dog after suffering many aggressions at the hands of his father.

“In the name of that boy who came to leave his puppy at our door to save his life and ensure his well-being, we want to thank him for remembering that he made the greatest, most sincere and true act of friendship. They are our friends and angels,” said the message.

Users of social networks also expressed concern in their comments about the welfare of Andrés and his father after the complaint was made. Some recommended leaving the abusive person.

“Hopefully they move away from that person, it is not good or healthy to live next to someone violent. Hopefully, Andres’s mother makes a decision for his sake. A child who suffers from violence is very damaged in his heart, even when the violence is not directed against him.”

“I can’t… I’m crying, and the boy and the mother, why don’t they get away from this violent person? Who does not respect life in any of its forms will always violate them … ”, said another.

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