Breathalyzer operations resume in Puerto Vallarta

The Subdirectorate of Municipal Roads of Puerto Vallarta, headed by Jorge Alberto Castillo Núñez, began to carry out the breathalyzer operations in Puerto Vallarta with the intention of reducing accidents and deaths at the hands of intoxicated drivers in the city.

Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez ordered the operations to administer breathalyzer tests on Friday and Saturday nights at the SEAPAL carcamo crossing, and at the intersection of Francisco Villa Avenue and Los Tules Avenue, in Fluvial Vallarta.

Thus, 69 tests were carried out on motorists who were found with alcohol levels on their breath, of which, 25 yielded results ranging between 25 and up to 40 degrees, who were ticketed and offered a discount of 50% on their fine, and avoid arrest and the opportunity to maintain possession of their automobile.

In this case, 8 vehicles were impounded, because their drivers had a very high percentage of alcohol in their blood and a total of 34 tickets were issued, including the six for motorcycles that were also searched.

Commissioner Ret. Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega mentioned that breathalyzers will be carried out permanently at established points during weekends and the rest of the days at random locations so there is always surveillance of motorists driving under the influence.

Along with this operation, highway agents carry out intense preventive work, inviting people to respect road signs, drive responsibly and take preventive measures, as well as riding a motorcycle with a protective helmet, their lights on, and within the posted speed limits.

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