Over 500 People Help Clean Puerto Vallarta’s Tourist Strip

Over 500 people have taken to the streets of Puerto Vallarta from 5 de Diciembre to the River, and from the beach to Naranjo, all in an effort to clean up the tourist zone at the start of this high season.

While Puerto Vallarta is already in the peak season for tourism and the area has experienced an increase in both national and international tourists this year, even more people are expected in the coming days and weeks with the Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival happening this weekend and the International Fireworks Festival beginning the following week.

The cleaning project was organized by local businesses, municipal tourism, departments of environment and public works, neighborhood associations, students, and other residents of the city.

It was reported that a group of 250 people in the Boca de Tomates area of Puerto Vallarta collected over 2,000 kilos of trash from the streets and beach.

The group will continue cleaning within the tourist strip on Saturday, December 13.

* Photo courtesy of Milenio.Com

8 Responses
  1. great idea and long overdue!
    hope its planned again next year when we return! count me in!
    also of course there has to be a program to educate everyone the beaches and streets are not to be doused with garbage. There are never enough garbage cans around – get more in circulation and everyone can learn to use them!

    1. It’s not organized through us, it’s done through the city, schools, and private organizations. The story is about those organizations coming together today and again this Saturday for city clean up, it’s not a call to action. However, with that said, I am sure they won’t turn away anyone that wants to help. If you are interested let us know and we can make some calls and see what you need to do to be added to a team. While it wasn’t the point of the story we can see what we can do.

  2. I wish this was publicized all over PV. I’ve been here three weeks and would have loved to be part of a clean up team. Great way to clean up is part of the planet and make new friends.

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