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Companies with happy employees increase earning up to 14 times

Companies that promote the happiness of their employees and their personal strengths increase their profits up to 14 times, said experts in leadership.

The teacher of the Master’s Degree in Positive Leadership at Tec Milenio, Robert Rosales, explained that in Mexico less than 12 percent of employees are committed to their company.

He commented that among the main causes is that they do not find support in the superiors, lack of feedback also from the bosses, they do not know the final objective of the company, the immediate sanction and the lack of recognition of their achievements.

“It is a level, which even in Latin America, is on the floor, which reveals the enormous need in Mexico to make a radical change in the employment relationship within companies,” he said.

The expert stressed that 70 percent of the level of commitment of employees depends on their relationship with their superiors, so if it is not good, the results for the company will be poor.

He recommended the leaders of the companies to focus on the employees because they are the ones who produce the best or worst results.

He also explained that according to scientific studies, less happy employees are those who take up to seven days of medical disability over a year, compared to only one day average for the happiest employees.

Another teacher of the Master’s in Positive Leadership from the same educational institution, Oriana Tickell, called on the pseudo-leaders, or heads of companies, that although they have power, “which is dangerous”, they need to change their attitude.

“They are pseudo-leaders who work based on a model that is already outdated. Successful companies are where the changes began in their managers,” he said.

The positive leadership, which is based on positive psychology, does not equal the club of the optimists, but to strengthen the people in favor of their own lives and of the companies.

“A person who is satisfied with their work, carries it out happily, and when they are not, chaos and frustration enters the workplace, having a direct impact on the companies bottom-line,” Tickell explained.

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