COVID-19 cases and deaths increase by 185% in Mexico since economic reopening

Although Mexico has passed the month of transitioning to the “new normal”, coronavirus infections continue to rise nationally.

This July 7, an increase in infections has reached 189% “practically throughout the country”, while deaths reached 213% more during the reopening of the economy nationwide.

During the 36 days of reopening, there were 171,000 infections and 21,000 deaths, according to federal government statistics.

In the case of deaths, the outlook is not encouraging either, as they went from 9,930 deaths to 31,119, officially. This is equivalent to an increase of 213% in a month.

The country has presented high levels of COVID-19 infections in recent days. Only in the last 15 days, there were four dates in which the infected exceeded 6,000 infected, with entities such as Mexico City, Tabasco, Sonora and Campeche leading the ranking of this item.

Experts have different explanations on the subject, but generally agree that there was neglect by Mexicans to abide by sanitary measures against COVID-19, even when they were no longer mandatory.

The country remains a focus of risk, especially its capital, which has jumped from orange to red at the epidemiological traffic light repeatedly. Today, Mexico City has thousands of Mexicans at high risk from the pandemic.

Oliva López Arellano, head of the capital’s Secretary of Health, said there are about 62,000 citizens with chronic illness who have abandoned their treatments, which puts them at high risk in case of contracting the disease.

This figure was obtained through a nominal census carried out by the agency to count the number of people with chronic non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

Infectologist Alejandro Macías, who was commissioner for the prevention and control of influenza AH1N1 in 2009, assured that given the figures of the main cities in Mexico, the epidemic is “entering with intensity and we are seeing saturation of hospitals ”.

Neglecting sanitary measures could represent a watershed in the fight against the pandemic, as it would generate a rebound in cases. That is why, as in the case of the capital, the authorities have made a permanent call not to lower their guard against COVID-19.

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