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Crocodile captured in Puerto Vallarta and release in Ameca river

Elements of the Green Patrol as well as personnel from the fire department and elements of Municipal Ecology, managed to secure a crocodile just over 3 meters long, next to the México Americano school, located in the Villa Las Flores neighborhood.

The municipal authorities arrived at the scene aboard the tourist area patrol, assigned to Plaza Marina, and requested the presence of specialized personnel to capture the crocodile.

The report was received by the Municipal Public Security elements, indicating that there was a 4-meter long crocodile at the Mexican American school, which is why elements of the Green Patrol were called, as well as the personnel of the Tourist Police aboard the PV-314 patrol.

Upon arriving at the scene, the agents located the crocodile on the side of the school, in a vacant lot, where the firefighters, ecology personnel and police officers entered.

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They determined the species was a crocodile approximately 3 and a half meters long and immediately proceeded to capture it. The crocodile was identified as a male and was captured and loaded into the PV patrol-351, in which he was transferred to the Ameca River, where he was released by Ecology and Public Security personnel.

Ecology staff determined that the crocodile was in good health, had no injuries, and was marked, which is why it was immediately released in the river with all the security measures.

They also took the opportunity to free an iguana that had been taken to the Ecology area, so that they could be in a quieter place and without being disturbed.