Cuale River suspension bridge collapses due to weather

The suspension bridge of the Cuale River Island in Puerto Vallarta did not withstand the recent storms and finally collapsed into the river.

Once a major source of commuting in the neighborhood and well-known to tourists who enjoyed walking the swinging  bridge, now gone.

The structure gave way to the constant pressure of the passage of the water, the current of the river and the rain itself, which, accompanied by strong wind, managed to bridge the bridge down.

This bridge helps a lot to the families of the colony to move from one point to another, including the the popular crafts market, in addition it is a way well-known image of the city.

Unfortunately the heavy rains that have lashed Puerto Vallarta since last week and last weekend, have knocked out the well-known bridge, authorities are addressing the problem.

The situation became serious to the degree that with the last rain, which was accompanied by high winds, the bridge fell and what remained of its structure was dragged by the river.

The second series of heavy rains,  was Sunday night and Monday morning, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, toured the most affected areas of rainfall.

One of the visits by the mayor and officials this morning went to the Cuale Island to try to put a plan in place for to the reconstruction of the collapsed suspension bridge.

Several days ago, some neighbors had noticed how fragile the structures of the bridges were, with the risk that with a strong storm they were vulnerable.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the collapse, only the damage to the structure.

For years, these structures of the hanging bridges in the vicinity of the island of the river Cuale have suffered from maintenance and lack of material, something that officials ignored.

Now the municipal authorities will study projects to rehabilitate these suspension bridges, safely and attractively.


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