dengue puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta reports most dengue cases in Jalisco last week

More than a hundred new cases of dengue were reported to the health authorities in week 36 of the current year (September 3-9), of these, 95 of them of the classic type and 8 hemorrhagic type.

Puerto Vallarta is the municipality that presents the most patients with dengue.

So far this year there is an accumulation of 515 cases, 462 classic type and 53 hemorrhagic.

56% of the confirmed cases are concentrated in seven municipalities: La Barca (68), Guadalajara (50), Zapopan (47), Puerto Vallarta (35), Juchitlán (30), Tuxpan (30) and Cihuatlán (30).

The DHF is concentrating in four municipalities: Guadalajara (3), Zapopan (2), Cihuatlán (2) and Tuxpan (1).

While the cases of classic dengue are registered in Puerto Vallarta (13), Tomatlán (8), Toliman (8), La Barca (7), Zapopan (7), Guadalajara (7), Tlaquepaque (5), Talpa de Allende (5), Tuxpan (4), Gómez Farías (4), Ayotlán (4), Tonalá (2), La Huerta (2), Amatitán (2), Tala (2).

Also, with 1 case: Casimiro Castillo, Tecolotlán, Villa Purificación, Autlán, Cabo Corrientes, Tonaya, El Arenal, Atoyac, Zapotiltic, San Gabriel, Zapotlán el Grande, Tequila, Ameca, Ocotlán and Tlajomulco de Zúñiga.

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