Erik the Travel Guy Says Mexico is Safe for Travel (Video)

The US State Department recently updated its travel warning for Mexico causing travelers concern; however, Erik the Travel Guy wants vacationers to know that Mexican vacation hot spots are safe and, typically, are thousands of miles from the locales cited in the travel warning. Additionally, according to the American Society of Travel Agents, 2 of the top 10 vacation destinations for winter travel this year are in Mexico: Cancun, the most popular international destination this season, and Riviera Maya.

“The Mexican tourist destinations frequented by North American travelers are safe and continue to be popular,” commented Erik the Travel Guy. “A lot of intelligence is considered before the State Department issues a travel warning and the Mexican warning is for very specific geographic regions. When reading the updated warning, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s not directed toward our favorite vacation spots. And, yes, those spots in Mexico we all love to visit, including Cozumel, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, ‎Playa del Carmen, ‎and Cabo San Lucas, are indeed safe.”

Travel to Mexico is big business, it’s the 10th most visited destination in the world and the number 2 most visited destination in the Americas with 22.5 million vacationers traveling to Mexico each year. When considering a trip to Mexico, Erik the Travel Guy has a few travel tips:

  • Popular Mexican vacation destinations are safe; however, as with any locale, vacationers should use common sense when traveling.
  • Book with a trusted travel agent as he/she will be able to help you plan an amazing trip and assist should any needs arise while on the road.
  • Consider the timing of your trip, peak season is November through year-end and, then again, in March for Spring Break. Consider these time frames when planning your vacation needs.

For more tips on traveling to Mexico and using a travel agent, and to research destinations, hotels, and cruises, visit Erik the Travel Guy at

About Erik the Travel Guy

Erik the Travel Guy inspires people to travel, explore and learn – whether in their own backyard or around the world. He is on a mission to get more people traveling more often, staying longer and experiencing the true joy of travel.

Erik Hastings is Erik the Travel Guy. With a bevy of production talents under his belt, including radio, media design and production, theater, commercial work and hosting duties, Erik is a former producer for WABC Radio where he hosted Erik Hastings Travel World. In 2005, Erik launched his own production company that specializes in creating high quality travel videos, which has added “world traveler” to his resume. This enterprise encapsulates all of Erik’s true joys by combining video production, writing, discovery, adventure, performing and interacting with fascinating people in some of the most inspiring and beautiful locations in the world.

2 Responses
  1. Pobre desempeño de
    la actividad turística en MÉXICO.
    En el segundo trimestre de 2014 la actividad
    turística de México aumentó el 1 %
    respecto al mismo período del año pasado, informó el Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía/ INEGI.
    En febrero del año pasado la Secretaria de Turismo del gobierno de México, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, en un comunicado desde la FITUR en Madrid, se comprometió a que al final del sexenio el sector turismo crecerá un punto del producto interno bruto (PIB), con lo que pasará de 8.4 a 9.4 por ciento a lo largo del sexenio, que superará los 110 mil millones, que se esperan del aumento de la actividad comercial directa y indirecta del turismo.
    Para poder realizar este objetivo, el aumento en los próximos 4 años (hasta 2018) tendríá que ser “astronómico”. Poco probable
    en vista de los acontecimientos recientes.
    MÉXICO and Impunity. When crime is unchecked:

    Los municipios más inseguros de México:
    Tepic, NAYARIT, líder en tráfico
    de menores. Segundo lugar en homicidios:

    1. We cater to English speakers so a loose translation is that Mexico’s crime in murders and kidnappings are killing tourism. And that is a true statement and an image problem for Mexico. But there is also a fact, the United States has more crime than any other country on earth, yet the American people go out every day to work, eat, shop, entertainment, etc and return home without once taking a moment to think that they just survived another day in the worlds most crime stricken country. Mexico has a huge problem, that isn’t a secret, it’s a problem from narco and government, that is not a secret either. Yet at the end of the day all these reports only indicate 2% of land in Mexico is dangerous, so there is no reason not to explore the 98% of Mexico that is amazing. People still visit the Grand Canyon each year without worrying about the crime in South Central LA. ;-)

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