Searching for Food Inspiration in Puerto Vallarta

I never thought I could tire of avocados, ever! I am from Los Angeles where Latinos are now the majority and always a delicious make up of L.A.’s diverse culture. Tacos, marisco’s, handmade tortillas, fine dining and El Pollo Loco, well you get it. We waited for supermarkets to put Hass avocados on sale and then gorged. Guacamole, omelets with avocado, tossed in a salad, on sandwiches instead of mayo, shrimp cocktail with avocado, avocado with avocado.

Here in Vallarta where avocados are abundant and affordable, I can and did enjoy them almost daily. Highly nutritious bla bla loaded with fiber bla bla healthy fat bla bla …. I think I need a break, too much of a good thing. Time to step back. Perhaps slice some jicama with lime and a bit of dried chile. Pepinos (cucumbers ) as well .

Los Angeles hosts a big foodie event in June named Tacolandia which thousands attend and enjoy. Living in Puerto Vallarta for me is Tacolandia enough. Of course we aren’t offered the gourmet tacos of Maine lobster, sea urchin or Korean bbq. Perhaps if we expanded our palette our restaurateurs would oblige?

I enjoy preparing simple, healthy tasty meals for myself and to share with friends. With our great pescadaria’s, carnicerias and vegetable stalls this is easy, though the fun of dining out with people watching, colors, culture and food is unbeatable. My issue is our restaurants seem to offer the same menu. Coconut shrimp, Mahi Mahi filet, tortilla soup, arrachera …. Not that these aren’t good dishes though where’s the excitement? The challenge? I don’t want Tex-Mex food , if I did I would go to Texas. Orange cheese? Nachos? Nope, not for me .

We all know of course of a few wonderful and pricey epicurean dining spots that cater to a more refined palette. I am not writing about those. I am inquiring about the everyday experience of dining out. Having stated this I am excited about “Restaurant Week” in May!

Certainly there are typico cenaduria’s serving chile relleno’s, enchiladas etc. with rice and beans, though I can’t eat this way daily without gaining a copious amount of weight .

I want sopa de albondigas de pescado. Fish meatball soup. Delicate flavored fish molded into “meatballs” served in a tomato broth with vegetables.

I want huitlacoche. A Mexican delicacy, basically a luscious black mold that grows on corn which is almost as prized as French or Italian truffles, not the chocolate variety, delicious in sauces for beef or folded into omelets or quesadillas.

Flor de calabaza. Squash blossoms from female zucchini, delicious when stuffed with meat, cheese, nuts and gently fried.

Refined moles, days in the making, not out of a jar. Sunflower seeds ground into pepian sauce, a green mole cooked and layered over chicken, turkey or enchiladas.

The list could go on and on. I don’t blame the restaurants in Vallarta they serve what the populace desire. As someone who’s hobby is following global food trends I am always excited to read about new restaurants and famous chefs in Mexico. Not always highbrow and expensive, the variety is what’s exciting. If my wallet and waistline could afford it I would be on a plane to DF right now!

I love sushi and can’t find a decent Japanese restaurant to save my life. With all the fresh seafood options here why should this be an issue? The best sushi I have had is at Rafa’s seafood stand on Aquiles Serdan though it would be nice to have a restroom or a glass of wine sometimes.

So I am throwing down the gauntlet to you food lovers and gourmets here in Banderas Bay! Where is the best and most authentic regional Mexican food? Authentic ethnic cuisine? Or whatever you deem worthy of praise. Though please no pizza, pasta or pozole, way too easy .

What’s your favorite restaurant and why? We also need more flavorful plant based options and I don’t mean loading up on soy products. Try to keep your suggestions in the low to moderate price point range so we that live here year round can afford to dine out more often.

Home cooks and chefs , share a recipe . Maybe ?

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