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Funjet Vacations Treats its Agents to Puerto Vallarta (VIDEO)

Funjet Vacations invited their best agents to experience Puerto Vallarta for themselves, in a gathers on agents called “500 Club”.

The group was treated to a cocktail party sponsored by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and was a great opportunity to increase its brand in the US at the start of the winter season.

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The event was held at Pier Three in the marina terminal and was true to the Mexican fiesta experience with the Marigalante serving as host to the dinner party of fresh seafood, a food staple in the history and culture of Puerto Vallarta.

Funjet’s parent company, Mark Travel Corp, is a leader in travel booking in the Puerto Vallarta area with numbers from 16% to 30% of hotel bookings annually in our area.

Mark Travel Corp operates throughout the US and Canada. The invited agents for “500 Club” are from cities that offer frequent flights to Puerto Vallarta during the travel season.