Hotels in Puerto Vallarta prepare for a slowdown

The immediate outlook for Puerto Vallarta isn’t flattering, on the contrary, precautions are being taken for the economic slowdown that the country is going through and the impact on Puerto Vallarta, such as the reduction of 10 percent in hotel occupancy, said Carlos Elizondo Ramos, vice president of Coparmex Puerto Vallarta.

“We have understood since the end of last year that there was going to be an economic slowdown because there was not a well-established social, economic and labor policy in the country, and we are confirming all this as the days go by.”

At the same time, he said, the closure of the CPTM, federal funding for tourism promotion, are proof of this, because with those resources disappearing city and business owners need to unite to fill the gap in promotions.

“In addition, we are advising the productive sector that we generate employment and economic benefit, but we also know that we have to work on the quality of our services that we provide”.

Coparmex seeks to be the counterweight to social policies with continued investment, “government changes every three or every six years, we continue on a daily basis, our employees depend on productivity, good management and business strategies that we make to have their livelihood.”

“We cannot depend on third parties, we have to work, train, evaluate our business plans, our financial projections, and all commercial, administrative and operational strategies, we have to analyze them every month and make executive decisions as soon as possible, because we continue adapting to that process of the federal government, we can not stop, we can not wait for them to come and rescue us”.

Coparmex’s website says they are an independent, non-partisan and voluntary employers union association that brings together entrepreneurs of all sizes and sectors, united by a deep commitment to Mexico, and to those, we represent the labor, economic, social and political spheres, inside and outside the country.

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