Hurricane Willa brings high waves and rain to Puerto Vallarta

After decreasing to a category 3 hurricane, Willa continues moving towards the border of the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa, leaving the extent of its effects in Puerto Vallarta to rains and a high waves that are more of a spectacle for tourists.

The work carried out by the staff of the Ministry of National Defense through the DN III E plan, is maintained in the preventive phase, which concentrates more activity in the hotel, commercial and tourist corridor that is located on the beach.

Commercial activity has been reduced significantly due to the fact that many spaces remain closed and barricaded in the face of possible flooding, as intense rain is expected throughout the Bay of Banderas from noon on Tuesday.

During this morning, the intermittence of the rain and its low intensity allow some people to go out to buy groceries and, in the cases farthest from the beach, they have no greater difficulty in carrying out their activities, even the public transport service operates on a regular basis.

On the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta, both tourists and residents of the municipality watch the unusual swells that currently exceed three meters in height and hits the Malecon with force; it is expected that during the course of the day the waves will reach a height of between 6 and 10 meters.

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