Intravenous nutrient infusion therapies available at REVIV Puerto Vallarta

Having the best version of yourself and feeling radiant from the inside is possible with REVIV Puerto Vallarta. An innovative firm that has positioned itself as a world leader in hydration, beauty, and wellness therapies. REVIV in Puerto Vallarta is sharing the revolutionary discoveries whose objectives are to replenish, revitalize and revive, the basic elements of well-being.

Through intravenous nutrient infusion therapies (IV Drips) and booster shots, REVIV offers people interested in transforming their lifestyle; a range of options developed by a team of professionals whose expertise blends science, technology, and wellness.

REVIV is an English / US brand that started operations in 2012; since then, its portfolio of products and services has expanded to all continents. Currently, the brand has more than 70 locations, one of the most recent in Puerto Vallarta in Plaza Parota (Av. Francisco Villa 1010 2nd floor, Jardines de Las Gaviotas, 48328 Puerto Vallarta, Jal). REVIV operates in 28 countries, and in cities such as: New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Australia, among others.

REVIV has built an extensive customer base, as well as a distribution channel that supports innovative developments in products and services, to ensure it is recognized as one of the world’s leading wellness brands.

Treatments are designed to revive the appearance of the skin, hydrate, as well as provide energy through nutrients; that is what people experience when visiting REVIV and with the guidance of certified personnel.

The REVIV team is made up of leading physicians, consultants, visiting doctors, and professors responsible for researching the latest clinical evidence. They research new techniques and new authorized drugs approved by the FDA (Federal Drugs Administration), as well as review current comments from our clients and analyze data on their needs.

REVIV patented IV Drips are focused on a variety of wellness needs by offering recovery from high-performance physical activity, rehydrating, helping recover from illness or jet lag; providing post-party relief, resetting levels of vitamins and nutrients, refreshing aesthetic appearance, and revitalizing general well-being.

The IV Drips options that REVIV offers in Puerto Vallarta are:

  • Hydromax Hydration IV Therapy: Hydration before and after athletic activity. It is also used to relieve general dehydration.
  • Ultraviv Recovery IV Therapy: Helps recover from migraines, colds, and flu-like symptoms, allergies, and more.
  • Megaboost Vitamin Wellness IV Therapy: REVIV Signature IV therapy has Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients.
  • Vitaglow Anti-Aging IV Therapy: Contains a high dose of glutathione and vitamin C for radiant skin results.
  • Royal Flush Deluxe IV Therapy – A combination of Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow for maximum recovery and well-being. Contains glutathione, B12, vitamin C, minerals and nutrients.
  • REVIV booster injections include Vitamin B12 to provide long-lasting energy and Vitaboost, Glutathione, to promote general wellness.
  • Vitamin B12, Pure Energy Booster Shot: B12 is an essential vitamin that plays a key role in normal body function. It provides long-lasting natural energy and helps with sleep, mood, and appetite cycles.
  • Vitaboost Glutathione Wellness Booster Shot: Glutathione is the master antioxidant that helps detoxify the body by promoting healing.

Those interested in visiting REVIV will find a space designed to get into a relaxed mood. While waiting, people can rest in the comfortable armchairs, read a magazine, or enjoy a series or movie on Netflix.

REVIV offers a premium brand experience focused on well-being, thereby joining a global movement that seeks to promote and guarantee a healthy lifestyle from the inside and that gets reflected on the outside.

Before doing any treatment, REVIV sends you a medical questionnaire. Once in the clinic they do a quick medical checkup and test your blood oxygen, pulse and temperature.

If you are coming back from a trip, sleep-deprived, overworked, afflicted, down on energy, or with your immune system low, we highly recommend REVIV; the IV drip works to balance electrolytes and flush out toxins.
For more information, please visit, or contact them via phone and WhatsApp to 322 596 0195

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