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Jalisco firefighters complete Bombero Level 2 training

The State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco (UEPCBJ) reported today that they concluded the work of the Diplomado Bombero 2 training, given to 28 operational officers and commanders.

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The agency said that with a workload of 160 hours the fire specialists were updated on topics such as fire behavior, safety, rehabilitation, construction of buildings, personal protection equipment, and breathing, fire extinguishers, ropes and knots, rescue, among other important firefighter functions.

The participants practice what they learned during the simulation of different fires in exercises carried out in a building located in the Agua Azul Park, the Training Center for Safety Techniques and Systems (CETESIS).

Keeping trained and updated to all UEPCBJ personnel is a priority for the Jalisco government.