Jalisco starts 2019 with five earthquakes

Five earthquakes were registered in the first hours of the new year along the coast of Jalisco, according to the National Seismological.

On the night of December 31, a very slight earthquake, of magnitude 3.5, was reported 46 kilometers west of Casimiro Castillo.

Later, at 1:18 am, in the early morning hours of January 1, another earthquake of magnitude 3.6 was recorded by the sensors of the monitoring system.

At 4:40 am, another earthquake of 3.6 was recorded 36 km southwest of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

At 05:20 am, January 1, an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 was reported with an epicenter 49 kilometers west of the municipality of Cihuatlán, Jalisco.

At 1:12 pm on January 1, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 was recorded near Cihuatlán, Jalisco.

There is no report of damage from these minor earthquakes.

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