James Wilson

Christopher LaGrone responds to James Wilson after a decade of extortion:



You are mentally ill and a danger to yourself and society. I again highly recommend the FBI look further into your claims about the theft of $48,000 because lying to the FBI is a federal crime and you have done just that. I really feel like you are a threat to the general population of North Carolina and I hope that the FBI takes the appropriate actions to protect the innocent people in their community.

For the last decade, you have falsely claimed that I have stolen money from you without any evidence. Depending on your mood, the money was stolen, or it was an investment that you willingly made, or it was a loan. All three of these transactions would be completely different and cannot coexists in the same story while maintaining consistency. The amount has also been inconsistent over the years, starting at $3,000 and increasing with every change of your story, until this year it leaped to $48,000.

The only thing that has remained consistent in the last decade is that you have promised to smear me personally and professionally until I agree to pay whatever blackmail demand you have at that moment. Even today going as far as making up a false affair that happened with Debbie Mahony and your threat to disclose your false claim unless she paid you money.

I have made three very simple offers to you over the last decade to ensure you receive the money you claimed was stolen, invested, or loaned to me.

1. I offered to pay all your legal fees if you filed civil action against me and the court ruled in your favor. You declined.

2. I offered you mediation. You declined.

3. I offered you an option outside of the courts, all you needed to do is provide me with the bank records showing payments equaling $48,000 paid to me, or any contracts of such loan. You declined.

All of my offers have been reasonable and only require that you produce the evidence of your claims. It’s the most basic that you would need to provide to any court to meet a preponderance of the evidence.

Beyond not having any evidence, anyone with knowledge of your personal finances would doubt your ability to invest $48,000 into a business. During the time period you claim the investment was made, you were in the process of bankruptcy and the sheriff was ordered to escort you from your home for failure to pay your mortgage for nearly a year. Your kitchen could not even be used because the counters were taken over by endless stacks of collection letters. You wouldn’t answer your home phone or answer the door out of fear it was collections or the sheriff.

There just doesn’t seem to be any evidence that you have ever been in a financial situation where loaning or investing $48,000 into a business was a realistic claim, and certainly not during this time of your life. This is exactly why our mothers warn us not to get involved with people that have financial issues. I am sorry you have these issues, but extortion isn’t a reasonable answer to your debt problems.

You wasted the three years under the statute of limitations that is provided to you for a civil suit in North Carolina for a legitimate claim. 360 Asheville LLC was dissolved in 2010 by the State of North Carolina because you failed to file yearly statements for three consecutive years, a requirement by the state to maintain the LLC status. So any investment into 360 Asheville LLC would have taken place prior to 2010, yet you maintained a personal relationship with me, and lived with me, until 2013. It’s unbelievable that someone would continue a relationship with an individual for three years if they believed the individual had stolen $48,000 from them. It’s unbelievable because it’s untrue.

The only actions you have taken in the last decade since I ended our relationship is to defame my reputation and attempted extortion. It’s mind-boggling that someone who had a legitimate claim to $48,000 would never contact law enforcement or file civil action over a decade, even when the victim of your extortion plot offered to pay your legal fees. Much less continue a romantic relationship with the person you claimed stole $48,000 from you three-years prior.

You chose not to pursue any legal channels because you were aware that by doing so you would be obligated to provide evidence of all your claims and statements of defamation, so instead you chose to extort money from me using the court of public opinion as leverage, because in the court of public opinion you don’t need to provide evidence, you just need to repeat the same lie over and over.

James, there is no longer a solution for you. Not only do you not have any evidence of a theft, but you have also chosen to extort me for a decade and have lost all chances to take the logical answer of handling your claim in the courts because of a statute of limitations. And I have given you plenty of opportunities to prove your case.

While you have continued your attempt to extort money from me and defame my character and business with vile words, I have maintained my integrity and have risen above your baseless attacks. I have never spoken poorly about you, with the exception of denying your accusations, nor have I lowered myself into the gutter to meet you eye-to-eye.

I am not sorry that I ended a relationship with you almost a decade ago, but I am sorry that you have played the role of jilted lover for so long and have wasted a decade trying to seek revenge for my ending a relationship with you. I truly feel sorry for you.

I can only imagine the opportunities that have passed you while you were plotting your revenge for my leaving you. There is always a bit of hurt when someone experiences the end of a relationship, but I think a decade isn’t healthy.

I am fully aware that you falsely claim that I have interfered with your relationships, your work, and your businesses. I have asked you to provide evidence of this and you have refused. I left you nearly a decade ago because I didn’t want you in my life any longer, nothing has changed since that moment. I have not spoken to a single person in Puerto Vallarta, or the state of Jalisco for that matter, in at least six years. The words ‘James Wilson’ hasn’t passed my lips and not a single friend knows about you, much less your name or that you have stalked me for a decade. Honestly, the fact that I ever dated you is embarrassing to me, it’s not something I wish to think about or discuss with anyone.

I moved from Puerto Vallarta because you stalked me at my home, stood in the middle of the street drunk throwing things at my balcony doors while screaming like a lunatic at all hours of the night, and slandered me endlessly. When I left, I closed all my social media and started new accounts, refusing to accept any requests from Puerto Vallarta because I knew it was a small town and someone would have a connection with you. I have been careful since I left you to make sure I kept many degrees of separation between us because you are extremely toxic.

Meanwhile, I have had to change email addresses, Facebook accounts, business website URL’s, and friends because you have endlessly stalked me and anyone around me, including my clients.
Every time you start dating someone, you email me to inform me who you are dating. When the relationship ends, you email me to blame me for ruining your relationship. Every time you start a new job, you email me to tell me where you are working. When you are fired, you email me to blame me for ruining your job. Every time you start a new business, you email me to tell me about it. When your business fails, you email me to blame me for your failures. Every time you move, you email me to inform me about your move. It’s been a cycle for nearly a decade with you.

I haven’t made any contact with you in the last six years except to reply to your announcements to leave me alone. I have never initiated any contact with you, and I wish you wouldn’t initiate any contact with me. I have continued to block every Facebook account you have, at last count, you maintained 11 Facebook profiles, that isn’t normal. I only learn of these accounts when you send me messages on Facebook from multiple accounts threatening me and attempting to extort money from me. I have been very clear for nearly a decade, and have taken every measure possible, that I don’t want you contacting me anymore.

My advice is simple. Stop contacting me, my colleagues, and my clients.

From this point forward, your contact can only be seen as blackmail, extortion, slander, libel, and harassment because you have no legal grounds to be demanding anything from anyone.

I wish you the best,
Christopher Chad LaGrone
(Totally legal and publicly known pseudonym: Ian Hayden Parker)

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