James Wilson

Email from James Wilson to the FBI, copied to Christopher LaGrone.


Dear Christopher Chad Legrone aka Ian Hayden Parker,

In response to your drama soap opera email the facts are as follows:

I was investigated by Agent Brown and cleared. As of October 29, 2019, I have asked him to investigate Debbie and you for corporate theft, embezzlement and fraud. As you both had clients across state lines I believe this falls under the Interstate Commerce Act which the FBI has some jurisdiction over. I am willing to accompany Agent Brown and take him to the bank in Asheville to obtain all bank records and will sign whatever forms he needs me to sign to acquire those documents and more. I have also sent him the North Carolina LLC papers.

You are the one cyber stalking me and using my words out of context in your article on Vallarta Daily about me as well as stalking my facebook account under fictious names and sending me friend requests which I do not accept. You also have continually had my google ad words account suspended. I am an authorized reseller for the following under Empire Communications LLC so there is no misrepresentation or suspicious payer activity and I am reporting you to Google and Microsoft. The companies I can sell in regards to communications are: Frontier, Dish Network, Charter, Spectrum, Brighthouse, DirectTV, AT&T, HughesNet, COX, WOW Cable, CenturyLink, MediaCOM, Windstream, EarthLink, CableOne, and MetroNet.

You are the one that told me about Debbie’s affair with another man when she was married to Tom and how awkward she felt when she and Tom had to have dinner with him and his girlfriend. That does not come from my mouth it comes from yours. All I pointed out to your accessory in the theft of my business is that she would need to have all her ducks in a row because now that I have requested an investigation into the two of you all will come out in the investigation.

Both of you have continually interfered in my personal, business and intimate relationships for 8 years behind both of your partners backs. On personal relationships all we need to say is Rigobertho Navarro Aguilar and most recently Jose Del Carmen Alvizar (Alex). Chad you have also tried to use your news publication to slander and liable me and cherry-pick phrases out of context out of my email to your own benefit rather show the entire message which is why most of Vallarta views your publication and an untruthful rag. You have also done this with other people in Vallarta you have an ax to grind with which shows your publication is biased.

On employment and business opportunities you have also obstructed and hindered my advancement with Wine Cellar Innovations, Porch.com, Lido Beach Club and my personal business ventures as you did last week. No opportunities have passed me by Chad you just choose to interfere in them and my life. This shows you are unhappy in your life or relationship. So unhappy that you have to interfere in others lives. You have a history of doing this. Elias, Abraham, Me, Sergio and the two men you forced to commit suicide. (Roman and your first boyfriend you had in Florida. Your little horse stable boy)

As for the investment I made into the company. I was generous in the beginning and offered you a settlement of 3000 USD just to be done and move on. Debbie told you to take it and you refused so rightfully I can now request the full amount I invested into the business and once Agent Brown has the bank records, he will see what I am saying is correct. Nothing to hide on this end Chad the only person hiding the truth is you. Once again I am willing to accompany him to the banks and Asheville and sign any papers, he needs to acquire the bank records. Are you?

I hope for your sake you have kept your USA passport active because even if you are a Mexican citizen you are required under law to keep your USA citizenship and passport active for 5 years. As you love to disobey laws and regulations and never pay attention to finite details I doubt you renewed your passport.

Have a wonderful day and peace,

Jim Wilson


Response to James Wilson from FBI agent:

I have looked at this matter and discussed it with my co-workers and supervisor. This is NOT a criminal matter and will not be looked into any further by this office… Hire an attorney, tell them your side, show them your evidence and let them do their job… This office will not be party to such actions or be caught up in person vendettas.

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