James Wilson

This is what I have told James Wilson and make this public now. I will write a check to James Wilson for $48,000 when he fulfills these simple requirements.

  1. Provide bank records of your investment of $48,000 into 360 Asheville LLC
  2. Provide the Operational Agreement for 360 Asheville that establishes ownership and the stake of each partner in the company.
  3. Provide copies of the arrest warrants for Christopher LaGrone that James has claimed publically in both Libelous and slanderous statements, a crime if he knowingly lied about such warrants.
  4. The email to George Lebar where I demanded music files.
  5. A written statement from ‘Abraham’ that I lied about my identity as ‘Kevin’
  6. Tax records showing that the IRS and North Carolina provided a tax credit of $48,000 over a decade after the ‘loss’ was reported.
  7. A statement from any client of Christopher Chad LaGrone that they were ‘scammed’, along with the project name, web URL, proof of payment to Christopher Chad LaGrone, and reason in which the client claims they were scammed.

By providing these seven items, James will prove that he invested $48,000 into a company named 360 Asheville LLC, and that his demand for $48,000 to stop him from harming my personal and professional life is being done with factual statements and not libelous and slanderous statements used as leverage to extort money. If James’ claims are honest and not an attempt to extort money through defamation, then this evidence should be easily provided.

Today, after eight years of his extortion attempts, he has still failed to provide any evidence that he invested $48,000 into any business and he has not produced any evidence of slanderous accusations against Christopher LaGrone in an attempt to force payment of his extortion demands.

Click the next page number to read more email releases and social media posts by James Wilson. These are being released on the request of James Wilson so that his story can be told, however, PVDN has made multiple requests for evidence of James Wilson’s accusations, requests that James Wilson has failed to comply with.

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