James Wilson

Another attempt by James Wilson to take a business that does not belong to him via fraud. This is James Wilson contacting a hosting company saying his business was stolen from him and that he was the rightful owner of Christopher LaGrone’s business 360 Asheville Web Design and he is the one who contracted the web server, therefore he demanded the web service close the contracted hosting services. As the Hosting Company said, James L Wilson has never been involved in the business dealing of 360 Asheville. Not only that, James refused to answer their phone calls. Sentences with >> are written by James Wilson to the hosting company he tried to commit fraud with, below those points are the replies from the hosting company.

—–Original Message—–
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 1:12 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Ticket: 322010] [HDUS] Cancellation Request

Hello James,

Your helpdesk ticket 322010 concerning your hosting service: (Legacy) sHD2 – puertovallartarentalsnow.com, has been updated by Dennis H with the following reply:

Hello Mr. Wilson,

I just attempted to call you again at the number you provided and left a message. We have called you 10 times without a response.

> With all due respect it was I who originally did the contacts with you
> and not Mister Lagrone or Debbie Mahoney.

I have just verified again that both Mr. Lagrone and Ms. Mahoney’s accounts were signed up with their names and their names alone and never have been modified. We have clear record of this in our databases, which are fully PCI compliant.

> Search your records and I believe you will find the first domain
> registered with you was radiodevil.com and indieartistradio.comm

Neither of these domains are registered with us nor have ever been registered with us. I have verified this through an archival search of our systems.

> Additionally please remember that the original emails did come to me
> and along the way you allowed this to be altered without following your own company policies.

I am unsure why you believe that modifying an email address is against our company policy but it is not. In any case, I would like to speak with you further regarding this so we can understand eachother’s points as this ticket has not been a very prudent route to resolve this situation. Please give me a call or let me know when and how you will be available to chat further on this. Please note I will not be able to discuss any legal action at all without the presence of our legal council however.

Thank you,


Dennis Henry
HostDime.com, Inc.


NOTE: Replying to this ticket will automatically reopen it and update the last response time in our system. Tickets are dealt with in the order they were last responded to, so replying multiple times to a ticket may delay response by a technician.

Click the next page number to read more email releases and social media posts by James Wilson. These are being released on the request of James Wilson so that his story can be told, however, PVDN has made multiple requests for evidence of James Wilson’s accusations, requests that James Wilson has failed to comply with.

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