James Wilson

This has been published in full because James Wilson has requested the full email be made available. PVDN has obtained emails from the past eight years and will begin a public email dump at the request of James Wilson. Gray boxes are James, below are responses.

Hello Chad, Ian, Kevin or whatever you are calling yourself this week! I know about the Kevin name as you tried to become friends with Abraham using this name wearing a red hoodie while doing your best to shade your face.

PVDN has requested James Wilson to provide contact information for ‘Abraham’ or a written statement from ‘Abraham’ confirming James’ accusation. James has refused to provide any evidence of this claim to PVDN. Christopher Chad LaGrone has informed PVDN that he only knows one person by the name of Abraham and that person was introduced through facebook where Abraham would have known Christopher LaGrone’s name and there is no evidence that Christopher LaGrone ever had a Facebook page using the name ‘Kevin’.

Please make sure Debbie, Kiki (or whatever she is calling herself this week), her mother, Lisa Ryder, Sergio or whoever your latest Chachivo is, sees this.

The distribution of known false statements about individuals or businesses intended to cause harm is illegal, therefore this email was not provided to the individuals James Wilson demanded.

I have already been working with a lawyer over your theft of 360 Asheville LLC. Its assets, its clients, its property and your failure to pay the investors back who pumped over 1000 a month into the company which you never paid back in a timely manner or let them have any of the profits. You just used the company account as your personal piggy bank account!

PVDN has requested the contact information of the attorney representing James Wilson. James Wilson has refused to provide that information and there is no evidence that James Wilson has consulted with any attorney.

The simple fact Chad is that 360 Asheville LLC was set up as a pass-through LLC where individual shareholders are responsible for their own taxes. I was the registrant and without a signed agreement or codicil I own 50.1 % of the company and you owned 49.9% until you gave away 20% of your interest in the company to George Lebar.

PVDN has requested James Wilson provide the Operational Agreement for 360 Asheville LLC. An operational agreement is a document that outlines ownership of the business, the ownership stake, and responsibilities of each partner, as well as, the distribution of profits. James Wilson has refused to provide the operational agreement for 360 Asheville LLC stating that he owns 50.1% of the company and that George Lebar owns 20%. PVDN has been unable to find an operational agreement with the State of North Carolina and PVDN has confirmed that 360 Asheville never filed yearly documents that are required in the State of North Carolina and never paid their yearly LLC fee in the amount of $200.00 to the State of North Carolina, meaning the company was never in compliance with the laws of North Carolina and does not obtain any legal advantage of being an LLC due to the registrant’s (James Wilson) failure to follow North Carolina laws.

I never agreed to or signed anything even in regards to Kiki it so it comes out of your interest in the company Go look at the paperwork which will be attached at the end of this letter. I am the registrant and not you and under North Carolina law that gives me the control and majority interest in the company. 360 Asheville LLC is company you stole from me and another shareholder.

LLC’s do not have shareholders and PVDN has confirmed that the LLC in question failed to comply with North Carolina law so the LLC is not covered under any protection an LLC would normally expect.

I have cleared my name with the IRS and NC Department of Revenue as I was able to show I invested over 1000 a month in 360 Asheville LLC and never received one single payment from 360 Asheville LLC into my personal account for profits or payments for my investment in 360 Asheville LLC. That makes it a tax loss on my income and I really do not care what Kiki or Kiki’s Mom has to say. They need to go read the tax laws and the NC LLC and incorporation laws.

PVDN has requested that James Wilson provide evidence that the IRS allowed him to writeoff a business investment nearly 15 years after the investment being claimed was made. James Wilson has refused to provide PVDN any evidence of an investment into a company operating under the name 360 Asheville LLC and has refused to provide any letter from the IRS stating that such a claim was made with the Internal Revenue Service.

I can legally show loses and have done so and Kiki and her mother can go fuck themselves. Kiki and her mother are ignorant and stupid bitches when it comes to the law and have no idea what they are talking about.

PVDN really has no response to James Wilson’s willingness to refer to any woman or women as ‘Stupid Bitches’. It’s offensive and sexist.

Due to your theft I was able to write off over 12,000 a year off my taxes for 4 years as a business loss. That asshole Chad is over 48,000 in business losses that you personally owe me.

James Wilson has refused to provide evidence of his investment in a company named 360 Asheville LLC. Also, James Wilson claims the Federal Government repaid his lost investment through tax credits but continues to ask other individuals to also repay the same claimed investment, this would be tax fraud if true.

Like I said you and the dumb ass welfare scam bitch (Kiki and her mother) need to go read the laws and go talk to the lawyer who specializes in Corporations, LLC’s and tax law. I have met my financial obligations to the state of North Carolina and the IRS and they have approved my returns because I can document everything.

PVDN has confirmed that Khiki’s mother has been dead for 4 years, showing that James Wilson has no evidence of any claims he has made.

If I had not done everything properly the state of NC and the federal government is now computerized I would not have been able to go finance a car through Ford Motor Credit, I would not have been able to get an NC drivers license or for that matter even enter the USA through Atlanta without being pulled aside or rejected. I have traveled to the USA almost every year since you and I split.

The travel plans of James Wilson isn’t important to his claim that $48,000 was stolen from him over 15 years ago.

I returned permanently to the USA in July 2019 You love to run around and tell people I am wanted for crimes in the USA when I am not wanted for anything and have traveled back and forth to the USA for many years without any problems. If I was wanted for anything or owed a tax debt I would have been flagged by the TSA at entrance into the USA and that has never happened.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN that Christopher LaGrone has stated James Wilson was wanted for crimes in the USA.

Living back in the USA now gives me the location and access to finally fry your ass for your theft.

It’s unclear what courts will support James’ case without evidence over a dispute that James claims took place 15 years ago. PVDN has confirmed that if James had any evidence of his claims, which he has never shared with any third party or family member, those claims would have already passed the Statute of Limitations.

You have also additionally revealed my HIV status to the late Micheal and many other people in Vallarta and that happens to be a federal crime in Mexico and in the USA which is punishable by a mandatory prison sentence. Go ask SETAC.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence or written statements from individuals claiming they learned about James’ HIV status from Christopher LaGrone, however, PVDN has found a public statement on Facebook by James Wilson admitting that he ended a relationship with an individual that will leave people with a ‘present’ they will have for the rest of their lives.

You on the other hand I fully believe cannot come and come and go freely from the USA as I can as you have already admitted directly to me in the past that you committed tax fraud and did not file your returns. You also did have a warrant for your arrest in NC when you failed to turn in your Nissan Pathfinder when you defaulted in the loan. You had a warrant on you for damaging the personal property of someone else’s property you rented and refused to pay for the damages you created at that property.

PVDN has received confirmation from the State of North Carolina, Georgia, and the FBI that no arrest warrants exist for Christopher Chad LaGrone and there are no criminal records or arrest records for Christopher LaGrone, however, a credit check has confirmed that Christopher LaGrone had a bank repossession of a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder and James Wilson had a bankruptcy and home foreclosure in Winston-Salam, North Carolina. None of which are crimes that would result in an arrest warrant.

Even living full time in Mexico, you are required to file a USA tax return. You are allowed to make up to 110, 000 a year tax free in regards to USA taxes as long as you can show you paid the country you reside in the taxes which I doubt you have done.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN of his claim that Christopher LaGrone has violated any tax laws.

Even if you have become a Mexican citizen you are still required by law with the USA and Mexico to maintain your USA citizenship, passport and file a USA tax return for a period of 5 years after Mexico has granted you citizenship. Basically, your first five years as a citizen in Mexico is probationary and they can deport you and revoke your citizenship at anytime for anything they so choose to so with.

Again, James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence that Christopher LaGrone has violated any tax laws.

Unless you renewed your USA passport as it expired in February of 2019 which I doubt you did then you in violation of Mexican law and USA law

Christopher LaGrone has provided PVDN with a copy of his valid U.S. Passport that James Wilson has publically suggested didn’t exist and somehow Christopher LaGrone was violating the law without any evidence.

Maybe it is time for you to pull your head out of your ass, wipe of the shit off your face and pay the hell attention for once in your life. I am not a thief like you, Kiki, Kiki’s mom, Debbie or Lisa. Unlike you I have no need to lie and say I have done something or worked for someone when I never have.

PVDN has been unable to confirm the cast of characters James Wilson frequently mentions.

Example: American Idol Underground, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax. 360 Asheville never worked directly with these companies. We were work for hire and hired by City Lights Media and some other organizations.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence or work for hire contracts that he and Christopher LaGrone were hired to develop projects.

If you contact the organizations Directly, they have never heard of 360 Asheville, Chad Lagrone, Ian Hayden Parker or any company you are calling yourself this week, month or year so you are lying to your current clients and perspective clients. It is like Larry Edoff he has written and sung songs for many organizations but cannot claim he did it as it was work for hire.

James Wilson has refused to provide evidence to PVDN.

You have spent your past 7 to 10 years lying to the general public and customers of who you are. You change your personal name and business name so often because you continually have problems with your customers who are dissatisfied with your services. You have no new services and ideas to offer them as everything you base your business off of are my old ideas from 7 to 10 years ago that you just recycle.

PVDN asked Christopher LaGrone why he has done business under multiple names and why he uses the name Ian Hayden Parker on social media.

The story of my name has been very public and I have written about it many times. I was born Christopher Chad LaGrone. After I moved to Puerto Vallarta and had the sense to leave a relationship with James Wilson, he began stalking me. James Wilson would stand outside my home screaming in a drunken stooper and threatening my life. James Wilson also stalked me online, posting libelous posts about me on Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist.  I was tired of being internet bullied I opened the internet and searched for ‘popular baby names’, the first three names were Ian, Hayden, Parker. That day I opened a Facebook page using Ian Hayden Parker as my name, invited all my friends to add me, told them I was being stalked.

The name Ian Hayden Parker was only used as a name of social media, as millions of people use fake names on Facebook to protect their privacy. The name also served me well when I owned PVDN because the murder rate of people in the news business is one of the highest in Mexico. Anyone who knows me personally knows me as Christopher Chad LaGrone, I have never run away from that name, although the name Ian has caught on over nearly a decade and many friends and even my own mother now call me Ian.

My business name started as 360 Asheville because I lived in Asheville, NC and my main service was building 360 virtual tours of real estate in Asheville. When I moved from Asheville to Puerto Vallarta I closed the business for obvious reasons and started Digital Vallarta, again, for obvious reasons. When I finally moved from Puerto Vallarta because James Wilson stalked me, threatened my life, and showed up at my apartment drunk on many occasioning, I discontinued using the website digitalvallarta.com.

My business and my brand has always been me, Christopher Chad LaGrone, and yes, I have owned and still own multiple branding websites. A website isn’t a business, it’s an advertisement online for services. Many corporations run multiple websites promoting particular services, but each website does not create a new business.

The names I choose for my web URL’s are strategically done for search engine purposes, just like 360 Asheville was a name to rank high in Asheville searches because my business at the time for that site was specific to the local area. And I owned digitalvallarta.com when I lived in Vallarta so I would rank high in Vallarta searches. It’s called marketing. In every website I owned to promote my freelance services, my name, Christopher Chad LaGrone has always been prominent and all clients who have paid me have paid Christopher Chad LaGrone, not any other name.

You have nothing new to offer your customers because are incapable of seeing trends and seeing where communications is going unless it is something you read on the internet and then you are desperately behind the ball and desperately trying to play catch up.

PVDN can only assume this is a company smear, however, PVDN did confirm that James Wilson attempted to launch a website design company in 2016 and the company failed in the first year. Christopher Chad LaGrone has successfully worked as a full-time freelance designer for nearly 20 years.

Now to you personally, Debbie, Lisa, Kiki and Kiki’s mother; My sister, her family, and my direct family are not to be harassed anymore with your drama and fake and baseless threats. The next time you choose to do so there will be more penalties from me assessed to you, Kiki, Kiki’s mom, Lisa, Sergio and Debbie.

James Wilson has refused to provide PVDN with any evidence that anyone by the name of Debbie, Lisa, Kiki, or ‘kiki’s mother’ has threatened him or any family member. We have confirmed that ‘Kiki’s mother’ has been dead for four years.

I am not a mindless drone and you do not control me! You want to continue Chad (Ian) I will bankrupt you and destroy your business along with the businesses of your associates. THOSE ARE THE FACTS!

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence of his ‘FACTS’ to PVDN.

I will continue to make posts on social media pointing that you are a liar and a total thief until you repay all of my investment I made in the company or either you and I are dead. So, get over it as it will continue to happen until my 48,000 USD has been returned to me.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence of his investment into any company and he has failed to prove that any of his slanderous and libelous comments are based on any truth. PVDN has made multiple requests even prior to publishing the story about James Wilson and his criminal activity with Laura Peoples and George Lebar.

I really do not give a damn what Kiki has to say because she scammed the government into giving her a monthly check when she was able to walk and the same goes for her mother and I still have photos to show her total scam she pulled on the state of Georgia, The state of North Carolina and the federal government.

James Wilson has provided no evidence of this statement, however, PVDN has confirmed that ‘Kiki’s mother’ has been dead for four years. So what we can confirm is that the statement isn’t factual.

Have a nice day Chad and do not bother my family anymore at all or I will go after your ass and fuck you senseless. I will continue to tell the truth about you until you have returned my investment and you can cry and threaten all you want with your bullshit drama but it continues until my investment has been returned, you are dead or I am dead. I will continue to publish the truth about you no matter how much you dislike it!

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests.

I am not afraid of you and your baseless drama queen bullshit and I will totally rip you a new asshole and humiliate you

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests.

Now on to personal issues. You are not to contact George Lebar anymore demanding he turns over all his music files to you like you did on Facebook messenger. Over 98% of his files are his personal files that he used to make Classic Replay a success.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests to provide the demand for ‘music files’ by Christopher LaGrone. Mr. LaGrone responded to PVDN that asking for digital music files would be silly because it doesn’t remove the digital files from the original holder, so such a request would be ignorant and never happened.

We are sorry that Brainwave radio went bust but you personally were too narrow minded and did not appeal to a large enough audience. Once again it all has to be done Chad aka Ians way which is why it failed and failed miserably and it was Classic Replay, that was programmed by George and me, whose resources were used to keep your little pipe dream Brainwave Radio alive.

PVDN didn’t investigate this claim because it seems to be a personal attack and James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence after multiple requests by PVDN.

Sorry you were just a god awful programmer and station owner who did not pay attention to the stations listeners and make the changes you needed to make to retain your customer and for that reason you were a complete and total failure!

PVDN didn’t investigate this claim because it seems to be a personal attack and James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence after multiple requests by PVDN.

I have personally told George aka Rex Rudd that is does not owe you shit and is to never give you any files or anything and as the majority shareholder I have the right to do that. So please go to a local sex shop, by a vibrator, wrap some barb wire around it and go fuck yourself with it.

PVDN didn’t investigate this claim because it seems to be a personal attack and James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence after multiple requests by PVDN.

Until you repay the $48,000 you owe me, or I or you die I will continue to humiliate you on all social media outlets and expose the real truth about you….not what Chad Legrone, aka Ian or Kevin wants People to know. I will simply I will show people what a liar, scam artist and thief you are with documentation. Your days of scamming, stealing from your investors and clients are over with.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence that Christopher LaGrone owes him $48,000 but he has promised to pursue his business of defamation through false statements until the demand is met. PVDN has continued to reach out to James Wilson for any evidence of any claim made against Christopher LaGrone.

So to recap:
You are not to bother my family or defame my character anymore by sending threatening emails to my sister and her family which you did (we have the email and Facebook message), you are not to contact any family member of her late husbands family, her sons, my direct family, my past present and future partners (I know you did this when Ales Alvizar was in Querétaro living with his brother and its ok. It is over and you can now pay all his bills and support him.), you have also interfered with my friendships.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests.

My sister and I descend from four Presidential families and the majority of the family who reside in Virginia and Maryland still work for the federal government in some manner including my sister’s sister in law.

Presidential families, connections in DC, and connections to the Governor of NC follow the demand for $48,000 What could be implied? James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests.

If you continue to have your little drama fit that has been caused by you and continue to beat the hornets nest you will wake up the king and queen bee our father and mother. My father worked directly for a North Carolina Governor and my mother is a retired federal employee.

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests. The people identified by James Wilson are as followed: Mother; Anne C. Wilson, Father; John Bonifant Wilson, Sister; Laura Wilson Peoples.

Chad I am not the one who stole and refused to pay back the investors or legitimately buy the company from the other shareholders. That was you and until you pay back the investment or die you will be exposed as a thief, carpetbagger and scam artist on all social media outlets and if it harms your own current business….oh well….you should have paid your bills and debts!!!!

James Wilson has refused to provide any evidence to PVDN after multiple requests. A credit check by Equifax shows no evidence of outstanding bills or debts held by Christopher Chad LaGrone.

My sister never had her own accounting company which makes me say wow you are really stupid and can not read and comprehend well so you made a baseless threat to her. Actually, my sister retired after she lost her husband to ALS.

PVDN is unsure about the roots of this statement, however, Laura People, James’ sister, has provided a simple statement to PVDN. She has no business connection with James Wilson. According to Laura People’s Facebook page, in recent months she was advertising her company was hiring and please contact her about a job in financial services.

Now please go crawl back under your rock and stay there. For the past seven years you have interfered in every business and job I have held, you have interfered in my intimate relationships and my personal friendships. You have obsessive compulsive disorder and are incapable of moving forward with your own life as you are obsessed with continually interfering in my life.
Enjoy, and please go kiss my ass!
Jim Wilson

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