James Wilson

Bulk email sent on September 14, 2011 from James Wilson to Christopher LaGrone’s clients.

From: Jim Wilson
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 1:09 AM
Subject: Re: Christopher Chad Lagrone

Dear past customers of 360 Asheville, LLC and Chad Lagrone Frelance Web design. I just thought everyone should know what Christopher Chad Lagrone has been up to as you have a right to know the type of person you are or have done work with. The simple fact of the matter is Mr. Lagrone has embezzled from 360 ASheville, LLC which is also the reason he is no longer using that name. He also took my 401K retirement money and refuses to compensate me for it along with the equity stake in the business which was a monthly investment for over five years. You are welcome to read his letter below my reply to him. However please be aware of Mister Lagrone’s slanderous lies as this this is the first time I have ever contacted any of you accept maybe talk with you on the telephone many years ago. Perhaps one day Mr. Lagrone will decide to do what is ethically and morally right and return what does not belong to him. Sorry for the inconvenience folks but enough is enough and I only want what is rightfully mine monetarily and property wise returned to me. I have been professional I regards to this matter a blind copied you so no one has each others email addresses.

Jim Wilson

PVDN has uncovered documents that the 401K investment James Wilson claims was stolen was deposited into a bank account in James Wilson’s name and the closure of the 401K account was done by a signed document by James Wilson presented to U.S. Foodservice in 2010. The reason Christopher Chad LaGrone stopped using the name 360 Asheville was that he no longer lived in Asheville NC and could no longer offer his services in creating online home tours if he wasn’t local. There is no evidence that Christopher LaGrone committed any crimes and PVDN has yet to discover any clients who have claimed to been a victim of fraud by Christopher LaGrone or 360 Asheville.

Click the next page number to read more email releases and social media posts by James Wilson. These are being released on the request of James Wilson so that his story can be told, however, PVDN has made multiple requests for evidence of James Wilson’s accusations, requests that James Wilson has failed to comply with.

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