Live Updates: New aftershock of 6.9 felt in Puerto Vallarta in early morning hours

Recent update: September 22, 2020 @2:20 AM Local Time

An aftershock of 6.9 rocked Puerto Vallarta again on Thursday, September 22, at 1:16 AM. Read more

Again on September 19. This Monday, a new earthquake of magnitude 7.7 was recorded, with an epicenter in Coalcoman, Michoacán, and was perceived in several areas of Mexico.

The Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta confirmed that there was damage to some buildings, although so far only one building has reported structural damage.

For example, there was damage to the ceilings and cracks in the masonry of the Sheraton Buganvilias Hotel, while the Hotel Mío in Los Tules had damage to front windows, having evacuated staff and guests.

In the Hilton Hotel there was also damage to the facade, although no evacuation was carried out here, while in the 3 Mares Condominium in Marina Vallarta, glass damage and cracks in joints between floors were also reported.

Second earthquake death confirmed in Colima

On Monday night, Colima State Civil Protection confirmed the second fatality of the tremor that occurred on September 19, 2022, at 1:05 p.m. with an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán.

This is a man who was trapped in the rubble of a gym in Manzanillo, Colima.

The first deceased was a woman killed by a falling fence at a department store, also in Manzanillo.

These are the damages caused by the tremor in the UdeG schools

After the earthquake that occurred this Monday at 1:05 p.m., the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) reported that it did not detect structural damage that would prevent academic and administrative activities from being resumed.

The University indicated in a statement that three of the university centers presented non-structural damage, these are the university centers located in Ciudad Guzmán (CUSur), Autlán (CUCSur), and Puerto Vallarta (CUCosta).

The Metropolitan Cathedral is closed

After the earthquake that occurred in the country, the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico (APM) reported that the Metropolitan Cathedral presented some very small landslides, however, after the tremor, it closed its doors to the public pending a specialized review.

They detailed that personnel from the Ministry of Culture and engineering experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will attend to assess whether there are damages caused by the earthquake.

They also detailed that the Distinguished and National Basilica of Guadalupe and the La Villa complex operate normally and at the usual time after the corresponding reviews were made without finding any damage.

The volcano of Colima and Popocatépetl register activity after earthquake

After the magnitude 7.7 earthquake registered minutes after 1:00 p.m. in Michoacán and its aftershock of 5.3 in Colima, the National Meteorological Service issued a special notice for the activity of the Colima volcano, which indicated that it is in degassing stage.

Due to the above, the Volcanic Alert Traffic Light for the Fuego de Colima volcano is yellow.

The Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City indicated that ash fall is expected in all municipalities due to the recent activity of the Popocatépetl volcano.

Risk of tsunami ruled out in Colima

Despite various alerts shared through social networks, the governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaíno, asked the population of Colima to avoid falling into misinformation and false news, ruling out that there is so far any risk of the formation of a tsunami on the coasts.

The foregoing was reported at a press conference after the meeting of the State Committee, developed after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred this Monday south of Coalcomán, Michoacán, which had a couple of aftershocks in Tecomán, Colima.

“Some fake news has been circulating like the possibility of a tsunami. Reiterate that this is false, that this has not been reported or corroborated by any state or national authority, and has even been ruled out by the United States Tsunami Warning Center. It is very important that we do not replicate this information. Any information of this nature we would be transmitting it in a timely manner to the Colima society”, said Vizcaíno Silva.

Seismological records 314 aftershocks after earthquake

After reporting the 7.4 earthquake on September 19, 2022, the National Seismological Service adjusted the earthquake to 7.7, and up to 168 aftershocks, the largest being 5.3.

“After an event of this magnitude, we are going to have aftershocks for several days or weeks, although they will always be less than the magnitude that was the main one, until a while ago there were several sources of aftershocks, one of 4.5, 5.1 and 5.8, will always be less than the main event and the effects will be felt very locally in the epicentral zone, the coast of Michoacán, Colima and in Cihuatlán in Jalisco”, commented Carlos Suárez Plascencia, research professor in the Department of Geography, of the University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Guadalajara.

Earthquake leaves 1.2 million users without electricity: CFE

The earthquake that occurred on the afternoon of September 19 caused failures in the electricity supply that affected 1.2 million users, reported the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Until 3:30 p.m., the reinstallation of the service was achieved for 68% of those affected, according to the parastatal.

The supply cuts due to the 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in the states of Mexico, Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, and Mexico City.

According to the CFE, the number of affected represented 8% of the 14.6 million users in those five states, so the power supply was restored.

Mayors of CDMX activate Civil Protection protocols

After the earthquake this Monday afternoon with a magnitude of 7.7 and epicenter in Michoacán, which was felt significantly in Mexico City, the various mayors activated Civil Protection protocols.

The mayor of Benito Juárez, Santiago Taboada, toured the district’s neighborhoods to rule out risks. After the activation of the seismic alert, the buildings in the area were immediately evacuated.

The public officials evacuated the buildings, for which the mayor Santiago Taboada began with the pertinent review of the structures, determining them as safe, together with the Civil Protection authorities of Benito Juárez, for which the re-entry of the personnel began.

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They cordon off buildings in CDMX when registering damage and cracks

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that so far there is no major damage in the capital, but five buildings have been cordoned off, since there have been cracks and falling facades, mainly in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

“We inform that so far no serious damage has been reported in the City, we immediately established communication with the President of the Republic to inform him of the City. I want to report that 99.1% of the seismic alerts worked correctly both in the drill and in the moment of the earthquake, there were very few that did not work”, she detailed in a press conference.

The secretary of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection, Myriam Urzúa Venegas, reported that there was one injured in Magdalena Contreras due to the fall of a fence, five treatments for panic attacks, three unconscious people in Miguel Hidalgo, Azcapotzalco and Cuauhtémoc, and reported damage to buildings due to cracks and short circuits, in addition to falling trees and poles.

Tremor surprises US Ambassador to Mexico

“In Colorado tremors are not felt,” said the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, after being surprised in the Senate by the 7.7 earthquake when he was in a full private meeting with the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo ), Ricardo Monreal Ávila, and heard the seismic alert.

Both left the Reforma and Paris campus, in the downtown area of ​​Mexico City, along with the rest of the people who were inside the building, and on the way to the street, they began to feel the telluric movement.

Already in the vehicular stream on the Paseo de la Reforma, the American diplomat confessed that he had never felt an earthquake.

“Never, it’s the first time,” he told the media who asked him to talk about this experience.

Michoacán, without fatalities after earthquake

The governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, reported this afternoon that after the earthquake there was no report of loss of human life, although there is damage in the municipality of Coalcomán.

In statements to the news program Atando Cabos, he said that a review is being carried out throughout the state, in which the Army and the National Guard participate.

I specify that damage is known to the Maruata Community Hospital, in the municipality of Aquila, where patients are evacuated.

He added that the earthquake was felt intense throughout Michoacán

After earthquake, they raise alert on the coast of Jalisco

After the 7.7 Richter magnitude earthquake that occurred in the vicinity of Coalcomán, Michoacán, which was felt in our state, the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Fire Department reported that an alert has already been raised on the coast as a preventive measure.

The foregoing, the Unit pointed out, is carried out in order for the population to maintain the corresponding forecasts in the event that the waves present variations after the telluric movement.

The same, indicated the UEPCBJ, could reach up to 80 centimeters in height. Although upon reaching the surface these could travel a few centimeters further than usual, this represents the probability of the occurrence of a Tsunami or any risk to the population.

“It felt horrible”: Guadalajarans give their testimony after the earthquake

Jesús López was on his way to the bathroom of the house where he works in Zapopan when he began to shake. He returned and warned everyone to go out into the garden to take shelter while they watched the water come out of the pool due to the movement.

“It felt horrible. I asked everyone to stay outside, which is the safest area of ​​the house. I felt quite dizzy, it felt strong. Fortunately, we are fine. Around here, there are apartment towers and yes, quite a few scared people came out.”

One confirmed death in Manzanillo after the earthquake, only known death in the country

A person lost his life this Monday in Manzanillo, Colima when a fence fell on him in a shopping center, after the 7.7 Richter earthquake occurred in the vicinity of Coalcomán, Michoacán.

This was reported by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after the confirmation of Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy.

This is the first confirmed fatality after the earthquake recorded this day. So far the authorities have not provided more information about the deceased person.

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