Wellness practitioners meet to create a Local Wellness Resource Directory

Laurie Wheeler, a local holistic practitioner of ‘Wellness Within,’ is excited to coordinate a local Wellness Resource Directory, called Bay of Wellness, here in Banderas Bay.

The idea for a local Wellness Resource Directory came from meeting many wonderful wellness practitioners around the Bay. Each year, thousands of people from Canada, United States and elsewhere come to Puerto Vallarta for rest and to do healing work. Laura has decided to put together a wellness directory with information and exposure on the internet and social media.

Laura would like to invite wellness practitioners to a Promotional Event Day for your Business! This event will be about promoting and increasing your business. This exciting event will take place at Casa Serendipity in Quimixto – on a private beach. The Wellness Resource Directory will be explained in detail and how it can help increase business and exposure no matter what season it is! A package handout with all the information about the directory will be provided along with networking and introductions to other wellness practitioners.

Laura will explain, in detail, more about the Wellness Resource Directory and how you can increase your business – no matter what season it is! Included will be a package handout with all the information you need about the directory. Each person will also introduce themselves, their business and hand out cards to everyone. Included is a light breakfast, a lovely lunch and time to network with each other.

This Promotional Event Day for your Business will also include transportation from Starbucks at Marina Vallarta by taxi to Boca de Tomatlan, water taxi, and a return trip back. There will be a raffle for a FREE overnight stay at this great private beach getaway – Casa Serendipity! You won’t want to miss this wonderful day for a value price of just 600 pesos.

This event takes place on Tuesday, May 22nd, leaving promptly at 8:30am from Starbucks at Marina Vallarta and returning to Starbucks at approximately 4:00 pm.

This luncheon is for all wellness practitioners to network – share their passion – and increase their business…all on a beautiful beach in Quimixto.

To reserve a space for this wonderful event, please contact Laurie Wheeler, DiHorn CCH, DipGem, ‘Wellness Within.’ tel# 322-197-2581 Mexico or tel# 207-251-1802 US or email [email protected].

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