Medical Staff in Puerto Vallarta Walk-Off Job Due to No Pay

Workers from the hospital located in Pitillal, claim they have not been paid for up to a month of work. They include doctors, nurses, and administration staff, all facing financial burdens due to not being paid for their work.

The workers say that the hospital and Secretariat of Health for Jalisco indicates the problem is with the federal agency and financial issues that are delaying payments.

The issue is an old problem with consistent difficulties by the state to cover wages, affecting the medical care and emergency departments of public hospitals in the state.

Deputy Juan Jose Cuevas Garcia regretted the situation because it presented a problem within the basic services that citizens are promised, the right to healthcare.

“It is very delicate because the wages of workers are written within the 2014 budget, must be made payable to the staff of the hospitals. Then we see medical staff with 14-days without pay, it’s delicate because it has to do with the health of the people in the region who come in this hospital, not only from Puerto Vallarta, also of the surrounding municipalities”.

He added there is a risk to having a shortage of professional medical staff and needing to rely on medical students to provide care. “It’s a liability to the director of the students, because we are speaking about people’s lives”.

He said they are looking to the State Health Secretary and members of the Health Commission to address this critical situation as soon as possible.

He warns that the issue needs to be resolved in the 2015 budget or the issues will continue to be repeated next year.

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  1. Jim Wilson

    So they can be in the process of adding a second story at Regional which is probably greatly needed but who is going to staff it if they can not pay their staff who save lives…really think about it? I think maybe the priorities need to be re-evaluated a little bit

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