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Mexico City lawmakers seek to ban Trump from entering Mexico

In the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, lawmakers asked federal authorities to suspend or prohibit the entry of Donald Trump into Mexico, because in his race for the Republican presidential nomination he has steadily attacked the Mexican people with a xenophobic discourse they equated with Hitler.

At one point of agreement submitted by the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), it was questioned that the federal government so far has shown disregard for the statements made by Trump against the Mexican people and the Mexican government.

Deputy Victor Hugo Romo warned about the risk of such messages and said that Trump’s personality was “primary, self-centered and primitive”.

Deputies from other parties, such as José Manuel Delgadillo PAN, acknowledged that he usually does not support initiatives that are outside the sphere of local issues, but warned the risk posed by Trump, who could be the next president of the United States if he wins the nomination of the Republican party for the presidency of the United States.

“I have always been critical to touch issues that are outside the jurisdiction of the Legislature, that are outside the jurisdiction of Mexico City, but on this issue we can not remain silent and let it happen.”

The voice of rejection by the Legislative Assembly joins others that have issued similar statements, like Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox, who have warned of the risk not only for Mexico but for the world if Donald Trump is elected president.

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  1. One of the many reasons why I will not for Trump even tho I consider myself a Republican. At this point I will probably not vote. If it came down to Hillary or Trump. Hillary should be in Prison and Trump is the most obnoxious egotistical idiot I’ve ever seen.

  2. Pesobill

    Mexico is a great place to be banned . Don’t think Trump will miss a crime filled ghetto full of poor infrastructure and graffiti . Rich people travel is far better places. The wealthy leave the third world pest holes for the brainless or bargain hunters .. Go Trump ,kick Mexihole in the rump !

    1. Rothbury

      Viva Mexico! Love all the beautiful Mexican people and their country!!
      They are hard working and very gracious people!
      Can’t say enough good, isn’t there problems world wide?? There is!

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  4. Anonymous

    They really won’t like him when he shuts down the flow of heroin and meth at the border and puts a tariff on Mexican manufacturing imports.

  5. This is both amusing and tragic. It’s too bad Mexico has to take this bold step. Parliament in the UK debated this also over Trump’s comments on Muslim immigration.

  6. Anonymous

    Look out the window and enjoy the ride!!! “WE the PEOPLE” are riding the TRUMP Train all the way to the White House!!!

    1. Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement to say ‘We the people’ as if that’s a majority. Only 26% of registered voters are republican, of which Trump is finding 30-35% support, that means he has less than 10% of the actual people’s support. Enjoy your train ride, the rest of us will just watch the train wreck.

  7. Trump says that he doesn’t hate Mexicans what he wants to solving is the problem of all the illegal immigration his dislike (or his intolerance) of people who take advantage of the system at the expense of hard-working taxpayers. If not corrected, it’ll contribute to the eventual collapse of our economy and will bankrupt all existing social programs. So Trump believes no Mexican or other refugees or immigrant IN LINE to LEGALLY enter the USA would like an immigration officer to tape them on the shoulder and say excuse me this Mexican or any other refugee was caught entering illegally and says he wants your place in line and you go back to Mexico and re apply legally because he or she feels they are more excited to start a new life than you !

    1. Please do tell, what has Obama done that was so bad? Be specific. Is it the 23 million jobs that have been recreated after the Bush economic meltdown? Or the deal that reduced Iranian centrifuges used to enrich uranium from 23,000 in the Bush years down to 6,000 today? Or maybe the stock market that has risen 176% since 2009 (S &P 500)? Please, enlighten us as to his massive errors- and dont include that big one for you people- being Black while residing in the White House. Thanks

    2. Well well how many companies are laying people off and how many of those jobs created pay a living wages. For the most part those are not full time jobs but part time with no benefits. Sorry you think Obama is so fucking wonderful but I don’t like him and never have liked him from a military standpoint. The current administration has done nothing to reduce the debt of this country they have just added to it. I for obese glad I don’t have to have Obama care nor do I worry about taxes anymore. Obama don’t support our military that was shown when he first ran for office. The bitch Clinton don’t either. It’s time for a major change in this country and its happening you mother fuckers are scared shitless.

  8. The republicans are just setting themselves on fire, and I can only keep singing the lyrics ‘we don’t need no water, let the mother f&%&er burn’ in my head. This is all good news for America and the world…

    1. He will make things exciting. We do need someone bold who can make things happen. America has been laughed at for some years. We used to be a strong nation. Now days it seems that no one respects is. Welcome home vets!

  9. i dont blame mexico, really if he isnt president he shouldnt be allowed there, all the stuff he has said, this man has no idea what really goes on in mexico, he is such a bafoon….just makes me ill we are even discussing him as a president, god people wake up, please please dont let this man in

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