Mexico experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, said that Mexico reported an increase of 12% in COVID-19 cases at the beginning of this week, compared to the previous one, and indicated that, according to the behavior of the epidemic, the week could close registering an increase of 15 to 18 percent.

“What we see is that we open the week with an increase of 11%, at this time of 12%. And following the general pattern of the epidemic, we can assume that we end the week with 15 to 18 percent increase in COVID-19, just what I mentioned last Tuesday and, in the previous week, we finished with 15% increase in those weeks”, he mentioned.

The increase represents the occurrence of new detected and estimated cases of COVID-19; of this new registry, he commented, only 1% represents active cases, which is equivalent to 32,320.

However, he underlined that the daily or weekly intensity/frequency of new cases differs from its representation in serious cases and deaths, that is, “the consequence it has on severe disease and mortality is no longer the same as what we had in 2020 ″.

“This is something very positive, it is something very encouraging (…) This is due to multiple factors, but the main one is vaccination and also the development of population immunity,” he explained.

The official also announced that, thanks to vaccinations, the mortality figures have significantly reduced in the country.

“With vaccination, as anticipated, there has been a reduction in mortality (…) That figure has been reduced and this reduction is what today generates an important discrepancy: even when new cases increase, it does not increase substantially, or with the same speed and mortality.”, he assured.

This factor, he explained, means that the impact of the virus is selective, for which preventive support has been provided to certain states that report increases in infections and risk for hospital occupancies, such as Baja California and Baja California Sur.

For that reason, to this day, the federal government sees a favorable outlook by registering a nationwide occupation of 14 to 16 percent in hospitals. However, he urged not to lower our guard or reduce compliance with health protocols.

López-Gatell reported that yesterday, June 28, 463,718 doses of vaccine were applied. Mexico accumulates a total of 44,385,584 vaccines administered since vaccinations started on December 23, 2020.

A total of 30,285,823 people have been inoculated, of which 19,260,940 have already received the complete two-dose schedule – if required by the antigen. Meanwhile, 11,253,883 Mexicans have only their first dose.

The epidemiologist asserted that, currently, more than a third of the adult population of Mexico has already been immunized, for which he again made a call to get the vaccine when appropriate.

“Remember that vaccination is free and voluntary. But we highly recommend that all adults get vaccinated. And that as more people are vaccinated, we will achieve not only the protection of each vaccinated person, but of their families, their communities, and, in general, the entire national population,” he urged.

Currently, Mexico has received 52,769,665 doses from six different pharmaceutical companies. This week 3,104,230 vaccines will be received (including the release of AstraZeneca shipments as part of the Mexico-Argentina cooperation); With this, Gatell confirmed, the supply that had been reduced in the last two weeks is recovered.

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