The siesta is good for your health

When a person sleeps about 30 minutes after eating it improves performance, digestion, and also reduces the risk of stress and heart attacks, said physiotherapist, Henar de Frutos Gameros.People who take naps do so because the brain tells the body it needs rest, which helps solve problems, stimulate imagination and creativity, said Gameros.

After eating a lot of blood goes to the stomach reducing the supply to the brain, so the brain tries to switch to an energy saving mode, being sleep, he explained the physiotherapist.

“Napping is a good habit as long as the person is tired and needs, otherwise it is not advisable,” De Frutos Gameros said.

The ideal nap time is 30 minutes; however, for a quick energy boost it is enough with 10 or 20 minutes. Also to improve brain power you can sleep 60 minutes, to increase creativity about 90 minutes.

“The decline in energy occurs between 1:00 and 3:00, there is a physiological sleep window in which the recovery of energy is greater,” explained the specialist.

The specialist noted that nap improves overall well-being, reduces blood pressure and stress, and helps maintain cognitive functions.

The therapist explained that during sleep the brain is regenerated, therefore, a person needs to sleep between six and eight hours to be awake 16 hours.

“The distribution of those hours of sleep can be done in one cycle or several, without prejudice to the body. Naps can have a negative effect when it is too long (over an hour) or too late (close to nighttime sleep),” he said.

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