The Official Puerto Vallarta Magazine Launches

“Trying to enclose the magnificence of a place like Puerto Vallarta in one concept is probably very complicated. However, for those of us fortunate enough to have been bewitched by the immense beauty of this paradise, all that remains for us is honor its existence, in every sense of the word.” Editorial Commentary, Puerto Vallarta Official Magazine, first issue

Thus began the story of a publishing project that arose from the need of the Board to generate information and original content which would make the user (whether local, national or international) feel as though someone was speaking into his ear. To make it feel so close, like feeling the sand between his toes during a walk along the beach as the wind narrates what Puerto Vallarta has to say from deep down inside…

In this communication piece for the Board, the OOH Marketing team brings together the experiences of people who are very closely familiar with Puerto Vallarta, and who, because of their commitment and love for the destination, will show its best side.

Contents of the first issue

On this literary path, we will have the opportunity to get to know the historical chronicle of many passages of our port, from the advent of electricity to the construction of major roads to Puerto Vallarta, through the pen of the Juan Manuel Gomez Encarnacion, City Chronicler, who day by day observes the memories of the city, to immortalize them.

Jaime Torres, Biologist and Manager of the El Salado Estuary leads us to the fascinating world of the environment, where we will understand why Puerto Vallarta is in a privileged location. We will discover that our paradise is exactly in a place where the currents of the northern and southern Mexican Pacific come together just outside our bay, and as a result, this generates the ideal water temperature and a perfect climate, resulting in lush green landscapes.

In this magazine we will also recognize the cultural offer that exists in our destination, thanks to artist Fernando Sanchez. Since current tourism destination trends show us that there is an inseparable combination of tourism and culture that should be considered important at the different levels of government.

In a very heartfelt way, Marcelo Alcaraz tells us how Puerto Vallarta has become a recurring destination for many travelers, by possessing the best quality anywhere–the warmth and friendliness of its people.

Walking, going to the market, strolling through the streets waiting for the bell of some church to eventually toll, these are everyday situations that have marked the course of the tourist who visits us, the one who is, according to Dr. Alfredo Cesar Dachary, “quintessentially curious.”

Puerto Vallarta has distinguished itself on the global map by being considered among the top destinations in the field of medical tourism and hospital infrastructure, with articles by Dr. Jorge Villanueva and Dr. Max Greig.

Miguel Andres Hernandez shares the fascinating world of business tourism, with very interesting statistics. And we go into the exquisite world of gastronomy, hand in hand with Nacho Cadena.

Puerto Vallarta has become one of the major gay tourist destinations in Latin America. Such major charter cruise companies as Atlantis Events just this season expects between 2500 and 3000 tourists from the LGBT sector for an unforgettable vacation. With a fine description by GayPV Magazine Editor, Tim Wilson.

Actor and playwright Edgar Treviño takes a journey through the Rio Cuale Island, an emblematic icon of our city that captivates us by being a mosaic of our Mexicanity.

To speak of community is speak of of live people, willing to improve their social surroundings. Sara Cardona and Adriana Garcia exalt our destination’s best asset, its people, and its altruistic activity, from a place where Mexicans and foreigners join hands to achieve the common good.

And Francisco de Santiago reminds us why Puerto Vallarta is a healing place by nature, so much so that its energy embraces us. He also directs us toward multiple options to achieve desired wellness, the reason thousands of visitors return.

“The city’s magazine”

The event was held enthusiastically, with contributors to the Magazine present, in addition to members of FIDETUR Puerto Vallarta, local media, and representatives of major business and hotel chambers. The atmosphere of the presentation suggested an open summons for anyone who wants to join this important initiative that will echo in many ways. Speaking well of Puerto Vallarta will enhance its beauty, and this eco will resound worldwide.

The success and survival of a project of this nature depends on how many join this great cause. Nacho Cadena, President of Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Board, said: “This magazine belongs to the city; it is Puerto Vallarta’s.” In this way we will give back a little of what this wonderful place has given us.

Puerto Vallarta Official Magazine

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