Pan American Health Organization warns of COVID-19 increase in Mexico

Jarbas Barbosa, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), reported that in Mexico there is an evident increase in COVID-19 infections, a situation similar to that of Peru, Brazil, and Chile.

“The situation in Mexico is very similar to that of Peru, Brazil, and Chile, which are currently going through a period of growth in the number of cases. Surely in Mexico, we have situations that are different, in each State. It is very important not to take the average number of the country, as if it were the situation of each of its provinces,” said the person in charge of PAHO.

They affirmed that Mexico has the support of the organization to face the pandemic and make the necessary adjustments, in order to control the “wave of transmission.”

Despite information from authorities, who just yesterday indicate that transmission is slowing, the international organization points to the contrary.

They detailed that in the case of Mexico, there has been a visible increase in cases in recent weeks and the trend is upward. PVDN daily tracking confirms that the seven-day averages of daily infections in Mexico increased this week, not decreased as the Undersecretary of Mexico claimed this week.

“We take Mexico as a country that in recent weeks has a very evident trend of growth in the number of cases. The authorities in Mexico are counting on the support of the Pan American Health Organization to review all the data and define what new measures can be adopted or what can be done to make social distancing measures more effective,” they explained in a virtual press conference.

Mexican officials repeat inaccurate information each day at press conferences meant to inform the public about the pandemic. Almost daily, leader in Mexico inform the public that they have ‘tamed’ the virus, flattened the curve, infections are trending downward, and other statements that are not supported by the data. The misinformation given to the public creates a false sense of security in the public who lets their guards down.

Latin America was one of the last regions in the world to be infected with COVID-19, and had already witnessed the mistakes of the EU and the United States, but the region was still unprepared for the pandemic.

Latin America now leads the number of global infections, becoming the new epicenter of the pandemic despite the advance warning they had as the virus spread across the globe.

Carissa F. Etienne, Director of PAHO, noted that it is worrying that the virus continues to circulate in the region, which could last for up to the next 2 years.

She recommended that the authorities allocate at least 6% of GDP to the health sector and direct 30% of said investment to the first level of medical care.

“They won’t overcome this crisis without addressing the essential needs of the most vulnerable, who are the most sick and are less likely to receive care, as the peoples indigenous, of African descent, the poor in urban areas and migrants”.

She pointed out that if these populations are ignored, there is a risk that COVID-19 will extend for up to two more years, so there will be outbreaks from time to time.

“It is time for leaders to go beyond political divisions and the geographic border to gain support for a response to the height of this unprecedented crisis,” said the international official.

“We must be realistic about the future. We all have to adapt to a new way of life and redefine our sense of normal,” said the director.

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