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“The Passion of Christ” Representation in Pitillal

In the streets of Pitillal, on the morning of Good Friday, the traditional representation of the Passion was performed, the Via Crucis which the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries around the world, in this case it started at the Parish of San Miguel Archangel at 10 AM.

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Puerto Vallarta is no slouch with the traditions of the Catholic religion, although it is a tourist spot of sun and beach that receives hundreds of thousands of visitors this time of the year, but the locals and tourists still take time to honor the traditions of this season.

In this demonstration of faith, participants walked 14 blocks, corresponding to the story of the death of Jesus Christ. More than 500 adults, children, elderly, and disabled, all walked together with prayers and silence by way of mourning.

Father Crespo Job Contreras led the walk.