Posters from 68. Paris -- Mexico / Carteles del 68. París -- México, Kurimanzutto, New York

Posters from 68. Paris — Mexico / Carteles del 68. París — México, Kurimanzutto, New York

And the smell of blood drenched the air, And the smell of blood stained the air. And the parents raised their crying.

Reading of “Cuicapeuhcáyotl” (“Cantares mexicanos”); Manuscript of Tlatelolco (October 1968)

1968 was a watershed year in world history. It was sex, drugs and rock and roll on the one hand; and turmoil, chaos and revolt on the other. Mass protests erupted across the globe, from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro, Chicago to London, Mexico City to Madrid and Paris to Prague. As Sean O’Hagen summarized: These rebellions were not planned in advance, nor did the rebels share an ideology or goal. The one cause many had in common was opposition to America’s war in Vietnam but they were driven above all by a youthful desire to rebel against all that was outmoded, rigid and authoritarian. ( The Guardian , January 19, 2008) Posters from ‘68. Paris – Mexico, installation view. © 2018 EPW Studio/Maris Hutchinson. Courtesy of kurimanzutto, New York. For many leftists, sympathetic centrists and bona fide anarchists, 1968 was a short-lived period of post-Beatles “utopian fantasy.” The availability of higher education and the expansion of Postwar affluence enabled young people—baby boomers in particular—to differentiate themselves as separate from, if not against, the beliefs and values of their parents who had suffered real hardship during the Great Depression and World War II.

Posters from 68. Paris – Mexico captures the spirit and rage of the 1968 student and popular protests. The exhibition is an intermingled, combination of […]

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