Profepa secures 54 animals in Puerto Vallarta Zoo

The Federal Procurator for Environmental Protection (Profepa) secured 54 wildlife animals at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo for lack of dignified treatment, failure to comply with its Management Plan and irregularities regarding its legal provenance.

After receiving a citizen complaint, the inspectors of Profepa made an inspection visit to the zoo, in order to verify compliance with the obligations set forth in the General Wildlife Law and its Regulations.

As a result of this visit, the authorities detected the breach of the Management Plan and various irregularities such as the lack of rotation of the big cat exhibitors, which only go out to sun every third day, when they should be rotated daily.

In addition, the authorities detected the breach of the management plan of two hippos and a crab-eating macaque that inhabit that zoo.

Precautionary precautions were taken for the following animals:

• 4 white bengal tigers
• 11 golden bengal
tigers • 10 orange flare tigers
• 2 hippos
• 12 jaguars
• 12 lions
• 1 crab-eating macaque
• 1 brown owl (Ciccaba virgata) )
• 1 river crocodile (Crocodylus acutus)

Profepa said that the dignified and respectful treatment of wildlife is protected in Chapter VI of the General Wildlife Law (LGVS).

This regulation indicates that the measures of dignified and respectful treatment should be adopted to avoid or reduce the tension, suffering, traumatism and pain that could be caused to wildlife during their exhibition.

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