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Puerto Vallarta Bus Companies Consolidate Into One Corporation

The three major companies managing the bus system in Puerto Vallarta will come together to form one corporation with a board of directors that will oversee that majority of operations. About another 60 operators who withdrew from union companies will join together to form a second transportation company.

The changes are part of new state laws with the Department of Mobility in an attempt to modernize and streamline the state’s quasi-public transportation service.

The combined companies announced they will modify 40% of the current routes in the city with a reduction of 100-150 units and better route planning in the downtown to eliminate congestion. However the companies maintain that there will not be longer waits or removal of any service areas.

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All companies are working together and conducting traffic and usage research to help in making changes that will have little impact on the users.

As part of the state plans announced last year, the companies forming a corporation will allow for financing of new bus units underwritten by the state. The companies estimate 60% of Puerto Vallarta’s buses need to be replaced, some of which will be removed from service as part of the consolidation of companies.

Most changes are not expected to take place until the second quarter after deals are finalized and ongoing analysis is completed.