Puerto Vallarta Colony Receives Water Services after 40 Years

In the area of Paso Ancho in Puerto Vallarta, 400 families are excited to hear that water service is coming to their homes, meaning no more fetching water from the river.

Thanks to the city and state governments working with SEAPAL the long wait of forty-years for home water service for many will soon be over as work begins.

The President of the National Chamber of Commerce in Puerto Vallarta, Jose Ontiveros, congratulated the city’s mayor and said that he has had the opportunity to attend such great events like this with the current administration.

Evangelina Sanchez, President of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry, said this is a blessing for all mothers and children living in the area, and they will no longer be fetching water from the river.

Resident of Paso del Molino, another colony to benefit from the new water works, expressed joy over the news “I have wanted water service in my home for so long, and now finally it will be a reality.”

Another resident benefiting from the new water services said she will no longer need to fetch water out of the Rio Cuale, which many times is dirty and makes simple things like laundry very challenging.

She said that she has only lived in Puerto Vallarta for a few years, but it’s been very difficult without the home service of water.

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