Puerto Vallarta enjoying high pressure system

Weather averages for the first full week of April 2016 in Puerto Vallarta and around Mexico.

A high pressure system that is dominating most of Mexico will keep Puerto Vallarta warm and dry over the next few days with temperatures hovering between 28 – 30 Celsius (82 – 88 f), says the national weather service.

In contrast the central part of the state and city of Guadalajara will see temperatures climb to 32 – 35 Celsius (90-95 f) making Puerto Vallarta the coolest part of the state for a change.



Puerto Vallarta Weather

Weather around Mexico:

In the Valley of Mexico skies will be clear to partly cloudy with cool temperatures in the mornings and evening and warm in the afternoons. Mexico City will see temperatures at 28 to 30 degrees Celsius for highs and 14 to 16 Celsius lows.

The Baja California Peninsula will have clear skies without any measurable chances of rain. Cooler temperatures in the morning and night, warm during the day and wind west and northwest 25 to 40 km / h.

Weather for the Pacific Center, sky conditions will be clear to partly cloudy without a measurable chance of rain, mist or foggy banks during the morning hours in the mountain ranges. Temperatures expected to be hot during the days.

In the South Pacific it is forecast partly cloudy skies, 40% chance of rain isolated in Oaxaca and Chiapas, fog banks in mountainous areas, cool temperatures in the morning and night, hot to very hot during the day and wind west and southwest 15 to 30 km / h gusting.

The forecast for the Gulf of Mexico indicates skies partly cloudy to cloudy, 20% chance of strong local rains in Tamaulipas, rainfall isolated in Veracruz, cold temperatures to cool in the morning and evening, hot during the day and wind south and southeast 35 to 50 km / h gusting to 90 km / h on the coast of Tamaulipas and northern Veracruz.

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          1. Ian Hayden Parker

            No, they have the forecast for Mexico City, it’s just a jumbled mess. They have Puebla where Cuernavaca is actually located.Not that it actually matters at all.

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