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The Social Event of the Year #PuertoVallarta

On Tuesday, September 30 between 5 PM and 8 PM you are invited to visit the main plaza with your phone, tablet, laptop, or other internet device, connect to the local free wifi, and say something positive about Puerto Vallarta on Twitter (or other favorite network like Facebook), and use hash tag #PuertoVallarta

The City of Puerto Vallarta and the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board have organized the Twitter Party to raise awareness about the tourist destination via social media.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be at the plaza, in Puerto Vallarta, or even in Mexico to join the year’s hottest social event. There is no reason to “do” your hair or choose the perfect clothes. No need to worry about parking, cab fares, or the right walking shoes. The biggest social event of the year is coming to you via social media.

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“Twitter parties are a wonderful way to ignite conversation around your brand. A twitter party can generate thousands of tweets in under two hours. Twitter parties are an excellent way to introduce new products, services, and in this case a destination, start a conversation, and get better acquainted with an enthusiastic group of people,” says Ian Hayden Parker, Co-Founder of Vallarta Daily and Owner of local Branding Company, XPER Branding.

Anyone can participate in the Puerto Vallarta Twitter Party from anywhere in the world, it’s simple. On September 30, 2014, login to Twitter or your favorite social media website between 5 PM and 8 PM (CST) and say something positive about Puerto Vallarta and use the hashtag #PuertoVallarta.

To start or take part in the conversation using hashtags, write a positive statement about Puerto Vallarta and include the event hashtag. Example: It’s a great day to be at the beach in #PuertoVallarta