Taquería Los Parados: No Seats Required

Taquería Los Parados: No Seats Required

Our trip to Taquería Los Parados in Roma Sur last month began like any other: we gathered up four friends and began the trek to this beloved taco spot. But the dark, moody sky threatened rain, and in anticipation of a gushing downpour, we piled into a cab minutes before the first giant, icy cold rain drops began to pelt down.

As was so often the case on July and August evenings in Mexico City, we were at the mercy of the Aztec rain god Tlaloc.

Our destination, Los Parados, is one on a short list of taco joints usually shouted at full volume to rally the hungry boozers after a Roma-Condesa bar crawl. On this night, however, it was the taxi itself getting sloshed.

As great lakes formed rapidly in side streets, our cabbie steadfastly dodged the blur of swirling headlights, zigging and zagging to our destination. Glad to have avoided traveling by foot through the sudden deluge, our group spoke in excited tones about all the tacos we were going to eat to satisfy our grumbling stomachs. The exterior of Taquería Los Parados in Roma Sur, photo by PJ Rountree Los Parados’ sparse décor and assembly line efficiency – its massive grill takes up more space than the entire counter – serves the Mexico City institution well. A well-orchestrated blur of staffers, each with their own task, caters to the waves of hungry patrons that stream in from noon to the early morning hours.

After the taxi pulled over to the […]

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