Taxi driver who left Debanhi Escobar on the road denies accusations of sexual harassment

The investigation into the disappearance and death of Debanhi Escobar continues by the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León ( FGE ), who has recently analyzed various videos and even found the cell phone of the young 18-year-old student.

However, one of the main players, pointed out by the family and public opinion, is the taxi driver who drove her on the day of her disappearance from Quinta where a party was taking place, and to the Nuevo Laredo highway, where he took a photograph of her before leaving her.

Juan David Cuéllar recently appeared for an interview on television, where he gave more details of his participation in the case of Debanhi Escobar, and the contact he had with her and her friends.

The driver assured in an interview with Info 7 that he met Debanhi Escobar and her friends through a private transportation application, where they contacted him to take them to the Quintas de la PGR, and exchanged numbers to later return them home.

He states that they called him to go for Debanhi shortly after 4:00 am, he later said that they had agreed to meet at 3:00 in the morning to take them, but on a trip outside the application.

However, when he arrived at the meeting point, only Debanhi Escobar got into the car, who first got into the back and then got into the passenger seat to presumably charge her cell phone inside the car. Her friends, he described, allegedly left in another car with other people.

“What she told me is that they were bad friends because they had not wanted to take her, she did not specify where,” explained the driver, adding that Debanhi was crying.

On the way home, the taxi driver said, she asked him to drop her off in the middle of a hill, but they ended up going back to the Quinta where he had picked her up, and Debanhi allegedly changed her mind again, asking to be transferred to another party.

It was on this last trip that she allegedly abandoned the taxi in the middle of the highway to Laredo, and after a few minutes of waiting, he took the famous photograph that was circulated in the media, and left.

He denied the accusations of Debanhi Escobar’s father, who said that his daughter suffered sexual harassment in the car, because it could be identified in the recordings that the authorities have that “he brought his hands closer to the young woman’s chest.”

“At no time did I try to touch her,” said the driver in an interview with the drivers of Info 7, adding that the Prosecutor’s Office has had his cell phone since the first day his interview was requested.

Later, he played other audios where the version makes a small change, since he allegedly sent audio to his friends, to whom he told them that he asked Debanhi to get out of the car in which he was transporting her.

“She got out, she no longer wanted me to take her. She started hitting me and I better tell her to get out. I just tell you to come get her. She doesn’t want to leave, I just let you know. Maybe her parents will think that I got her drunk”.

After leaving Debanhi, the man said that he arrived home, discussed the situation with his wife, went to the bathroom, and after about 10 minutes, returned to the road to find out if Debanhi Escobar was still in the area, but he was unsuccessful.

Finally, he assured that he came out to show his face so that everyone knows his truth, especially after he was accused of sexual harassment by Debanhi Escobar’s family.

He also revealed that the authorities carried out various searches, both in his car and in his house. So far, the Prosecutor’s Office has not revealed information about the investigations to the taxi driver.

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