The Green Patrol of Puerto Vallarta offers more than 2,000 services in 2022

Thanks to the work carried out by officers commissioned to the Green Patrol area of ​​the Citizen Security Police Station, in 2022 2,021 services were attended and different pets were brought to safety, including domestic and endangered species.

For this reason, the Commissioner for Citizen Security Captain of the Frigate, Eloy Girón Alcuria, will continue working to reinforce the actions so that in 2023 there will be duly trained personnel and better equipment to deal with all kinds of reports related to the flora and fauna of our region.

In relation to reports of dogs, there were: 240 reports of aggressive dogs, 37 mistreated, 62 neglected, and 63 hit by cars, in addition to 204 reports of dog bites, 55 injured, 25 dead, 51 abandoned, 24 poisoned, of which the pertinent records were collected. 22 sick, 13 reports of being trapped in bars or gates, and 17 were lost.

In a matter of cats, 19 reports of stuck cats, 24 of injured cats, 40 abandoned cats, three hit by cars, 10 were poisoned, one for adoption, seven aggressive, and 12 dead were attended.

53 reports of iguanas outside their habitat were attended, 10 reports of injured iguanas, one of iguana eggs, and 18 of garrobos outside their habitat.

There were 43 reports of turtles spawning, 25 of turtles making nests, 72 turtle nests were delivered to ecology personnel, there were two injured turtles, nine dead, and eight out of their habitat.

During the last days of the year, a report on a dead dolphin was delivered to Ecology personnel and 19 reports of injured pelicans were attended to.

There were 33 reports of crocodiles outside their habitat, 2 crocodiles dead, 3 armadillos outside their habitat, 44 opossums dead, 2 opossums injured, 97 snakes outside their environment, 10 raccoons outside their habitat, 1 raccoon dead, 1 raccoon injured, 31 possums out of range, four possums injured, one badger injured, four out of habitat, one armadillo out of habitat, one squirrel injured, five squirrels out of range.

Three neglected horses, five dead horses, six horses outside their area, two cows stuck and rescued, two dead cows, 21 reports of loose cattle, two roosters in poor condition, one dead rooster, and one injured sheep were treated.

A deer was also returned to its natural habitat. In relation to birds, there were 5 injured owls, 11 out of their environment, 24 birds of different species injured, seven birds out of their nests, one macaw out of its nest, two injured macaws, three parrots out of their habitat, one injured hawk, a dead pigeon, 28 pichichines ducks out of their environment, an injured duck and a hawk.

In relation to flora issues, one report of clandestine pruning and three reports of tree felling was attended, in addition, there were 424 negative calls or false alarms.

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