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The Most Chefs in One Place

A sea of white chefs in aprons and scores of racing waiters set a pair of Guinness world records in Mexico City, organizers said Saturday (Sunday, Manila time).

Decked out in their pressed whites, 3,634 chefs crammed the base of the capital’s landmark Angel of Independence victory column.

That was enough to shatter the old Guinness mark for the most chefs in one place—2,847, set in Dubai in January 2013.

And if that victory didn’t taste sweet enough, another record-breaking 337 waiters with drinks on their silver trays held an 800-meter race.

The chefs posed with big smiles for a photo so big it was snapped from a helicopter.

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“It is really emotional getting to take part in this kind of thing, seeing how many of us are out there,” said Angelica Solis, a 26-year-old local chef set on opening a restaurant with cutting-edge takes on Mexican classics in Paris.

The waiters, who dashed down the Paseo de la Reforma, set a record for the biggest group carrying out the challenge,” said Guinness judge Johanna Hessling.

The events were part of a celebration of Mexico’s cuisine, recognized by UNESCO as part of the world’s intangible (and tasty) wealth. — Agence France-Presse