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The Red Cabbage Cafe

You know you are someplace special when you step into the lighthearted collage of its decor. On the brightly painted walls is an eclectic display of art, music, theater, literature and film.

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Though the atmosphere is casual, with eclectic and bohemian artwork, the food is serious and features old recipes and uncommon indigenous sauces. It’s a pleasant 10-minute walk from the Zona Romántica; from Cárdenas turn right on Rivero del Río, just before the Río Cuale bridge.

“If Frida Kahlo had opened a stylish boho yet homey restaurant with a menu that featured Mexico’s greatest dishes, it would have been like The Red Cabbage Cafe in Puerto Vallarta. The food is pure artistry. Go Hungry: You’ll want to order everything on the menu including creamy guacamole, zuccini flower quesadillas, and cream of peanut soup – and you’ll want to eat every last bite. The spirit of Kahlo is present: One entire wall of the dining room is devoted to her and her husband, fellow artist Diego Rivera.” – Bon Appetit

204A Calle Rivera del Rio
48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco