Three-meter crocodile in Nuevo Nayarit tourist beach was relocated

A crocodile of approximately three meters (10 feet) took several people who were on the beach of Nuevo Nayarit, also known as Nuevo Vallarta, by surprise on the night of Saturday, April 16.

According to the report of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), the events arose after the rescue forces were alerted to the sighting of a crocodile in the sea and in the beach area at 11:30 a.m., which caused alarm among bathers and locals at the height of the Easter weekend holiday.

Elements of the Heroic Corps of Firefighters and Lifeguards activated a search and location operation in the vicinity of the beach. The crocodile was located at 3 in the morning on Sunday, April 17.

Once the crocodile was captured, it was transferred to a biologist to determine its species and assess its health status. Later the croc was relocated, in order to avoid any incident in the rest areas.

The Nuevo Nayarit beach area was cleared of any type of risk and permanent surveillance and prevention work was carried out by security personnel and lifeguards.

Last Tuesday, April 5, a family living in the San Agustín neighborhood, had a scare after discovering that a crocodile approximately one meter long was found in their home.

Residents of Calle Sur 8, heard some strange noises at dawn, so they went out to the patio only to find the specimen crawling very close to the door that leads to the street.

Not knowing exactly what to do and in the commotion caused by having found such an animal in their home, the family asked the municipal authorities for help, who rescued it and then handed it over to personnel from the Department of Ecology and the Environment. They were in charge of transferring it to the Ehécatl Ecological Park where wildlife is exhibited and cared for.

“Comrades from Urban Rescue and authorities from @DMAyEEcatepec (Directorate of the Environment and Ecology Ecatepec) rescued a moreletii crocodile from inside a home in the San Agustín neighborhood, which may have escaped from a nearby house, the reptile was sheltered and transferred to the Ehécatl facilities,” the municipality’s Civil Protection body published on its Twitter account.

Acoyani Baroco Bonilla, head of the Department of Ecology and the Environment of Ecatepec, commented that it may be a case of animal trafficking since this type of species is illegally marketed as pets without the conditions or an appropriate habitat in place.

“It is a Crocodylus Moreletii or Swamp Crocodile, it is a species of Mexican reptile listed as endangered. For the moment, attention, lodging, food, and care will be provided in the park, however, it will be channeled to an Animal Management Unit, ”said Xihuitl Tecuizpo, a volunteer at the Ehécatl Ecological Park .

According to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, there are 23 species of crocodilians in the world, but the swamp crocodile ( Crocodylus moreletii ) is one of the three types of reptiles that inhabit Mexican lands, along with the river crocodile ( Crocodylus acutus ) and the caiman ( Caiman crocodilus ).

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