touch me in the morning

touch me in the morning

How does that line go?

Oh, yes.

"Hey, wasn’t it me who said
That nothin’ good’s gonna last forever?"

I think that is it. And it is true.

Nothing in our lives is permanent. We live as transients passing through an ever-changing sea of circumstances.

Two weeks ago, my blogger pal Gary Denness ( The Mexile ) announced an end to the blog he had been writing for over fifteen years. His reason was a familiar one. Blogging had been fun, but he now felt that writing his blog was just an exercise. A tautology.
I fully understand his reasoning. I have handed in my essay resignation at least twice now. But I am the Michael Myers of blogging. I just keep coming back.Gary now joins a long list of fellow bloggers who no longer write for one reason or another.I started reading Mexico blogs in 2006, I think. I had started researching places to retire. Not for myself, but for my sister-in-law. Mexico was the obvious option.Back then, finding information on the internet was more difficult than today. I felt like Indiana Jones uncovering Maya ruins.Somehow, I ran across my first blogger. I am not certain who it was. I suspect it was an older woman living solo in the under-developed beach town of Chacala. Andee.I immediately liked her. She was irascible. Direct. Honest. And, it turned out, extremely hard to get to know. But, I did. She convinced me to start writing a blog about my decision-making process. Thus was born Same Life […]

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